New auctions: Rutz & Sons en Lubomir Kubacek

Today, Tuesday November 3th, 2 new auctions started. Both auctions end on Sunday November 15th.

Rutz & Sons (DE)

Youngsters of their best breeders

The German super class loft of Rutz & Sons has gained widespread international acclaim. This is thanks to the impressive results of their Rutz racing birds in the most demanding competitions. Many champions have been highly successful with the help of these Rutz pigeons, which explains this breed's popularity! The two likeable German fanciers have been able to take advantage of their exceptionally talented breed as well, having won two international victories and countless national first prizes. They are now offering for sale a small group of young birds from their best breeders on PIPA; this is a top class collection!


Lubomir Kubacek (CZ)

Top class racing birds + youngsters from his best breeders

The young and talented Tsjech fancier Lubomir Kubacek relies on a group of breeding pigeons of impeccable quality. He has won several Olympiad titles, national ace pigeon titles and prestigious races against thousands of pigeons. PIPA is now selling a number of very unique racing birds, including the winner of a first prize against over 40,000 pigeons. Also included in this auction are a group of young birds from his stock breeders.