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New auctions: Roger Debusschere, Chris Hebberecht, Frans Bungeneers, Tom Van Gaver, Alain Delhove & Comb. van Oss

Monday the 2nd of January these new auctions will start: Roger Debusschere (BE), Chris Hebberecht (BE), Frans Bungeneers (BE), Tom Van Gaver (BE), Alain Delhove (BE) & Comb. van Oss (NL).

Roger Debusschere (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Not many fanciers will ever match the quality that resides on the lofts of Roger Debusschere ... in his current breeding team he made room for the class from the PIPA Elite Center lofts, more specifically the Porsche 911 stock. On PIPA, Roger offers youngsters from his best PEC breeders, such as a direct daughter of Porsche 911, a full sister of the 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Jana and a son of 1st Nat. Jarnac winner Red Devil Porsche. Furthermore, children from 1st Nat. Bourges winner Mexendre and Golden Willem, super Willem De Bruijn breeder, will also become available. 

Chris Hebberecht (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Chris Hebberecht is a living legend from Belgian pigeon sport. The Hebberecht colony has performed at the highest level for more than 50 years, focussing on long distance and extreme long distance racing. Besides countless National and International highlights on his own lofts, these pigeons have shown to excel around the world. Those who strengthened their lofts with this stock, lifted their performances to a high level. In 2022, fellow fanciers won a/o 3rd - 3rd and 4th National with descendants of Hebberecht pigeons. Chris himself had a fantastic season in the tough long distance season of 2022. From his phenomenal breeding team he now offers a selection of youngsters, a/o children from De Marseille, 1st Nat. Marseille ... from Lord, 1st Belgian Agen pigeon 2015-2018 ... Jempy, father of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Ike ... and as the auction highlight from super racer Nelson, winner of several National top results!  

Frans Bungeneers (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders & racers

An absolute top colony on the International extreme long distance is that of Frans Bungeneers. The results of descendants from Queen Tony are simply phenomenal, both on the lofts in Ranst as at many other fanciers this stock hen forms the foundation. After the theft of his stock pigeons, children from 1st International Barcelona Ace Pigeons such as Iron Lady Ellie and Elena  stood up as new base breeders! In auction; a quality rich selection of youngsters from the most important Bungeneers breeders! Frans can proudly say that at least five pigeons from his colony sold here on PIPA, have bred National Top 100 winners for their new owner. 

Tom Van Gaver (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

In this magnificent auction, Tom Van Gaver offers a selection of youngsters from his wonder colony founded on the icons FINN PAIR, FINN, RICKY, TETSKE and parents TETSKE. Besides children and grandchildren of these icons, Tom offers the only youngster ever in auction from Febeke, the sensational young bird which won 2x 1st Prize agasint the whole release of +10,000 pigeons within 7 days’ time at Jens Van Cutsem from Orleans 352km under tough and warm conditions. No one rose to the top as quickly as Tom Van Gaver. Everybody knows he performs week in, week out on races from 100km to 750km with the same pigeons, true allrounders. These cracks perform on his own lofts, on those of fellow fanciers, and have also put their mark on popular One Loft Races in the past years.

Alain Delhove (BE)
Youngsters of the best breeders

The status of Alain Delhove in International pigeon sport grew after winning a/o 1st Nat. St. Vincent, 4th Nat. Irun, 4th Nat. Marseille, 6th Nat. Tarbes and various (National) Ace Pigeon titles on the extreme long distance. When his health seemed to bring this success to a halt, his wife Sigrid, granddaughter Maxima Paesmans and godson Diego Bouffa stepped up to help continue with pigeon sport. After having won 4th and 14th Nat. Barcelona in 2020, a dream came true by winning 1st International Barcelona in 2022! The stock is built up from 70% Cor de Heijde, 25% Nico Volkens and some Jelle Jellema and Verweij- De Haan strains. From these best breeders, a top selection of youngsters will become available in auction, with the highlight; the first child of 1st Int. Barcelona 2022 winner Blue Night ever in auction...exclusively on PIPA! 

Comb. Van Oss (NL)
All pigeons from 2021 and older, in addition to a selection of young birds

After the passing away of Rien van Oss in 2022, The Netherlands lost a key figure in pigeon sport. His will to invest in super pigeons and his unique quality to lead these genes to super results was remarkable, and led to many years of pigeon sport at the highest level! Especially the introduction of Jan Hooymans pigeons - a/o various children of Harry, New Harry - formed the foundation to many achievements. Just as buying super racer Nationaaltje at the auction of Christian van de Wetering, who became a phenomenal breeder. Now that Comb. Van Oss is no longer complete, they decided to have an auction on PIPA. A unique collection of pigeons, including National winners, National ace pigeons, massive winners and children from super pigeons such as Harry, New Harry, Porsche 911, Geeloger, etc., etc.