New auctions: Peter Janssen, Carlo Gyselbrecht, Tom Van Gaver & wijlen Jos Bastiaens

Monday the 5th of September these new auctions will start: Peter Janssen (DE), Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE), Tom Van Gaver (BE) & wijlen Jos Bastiaens (BE).

Peter Janssen (DE)
Auction of all breeding pigeons

At the peak of his fame, the German phenomenon Peter Janssen takes a step back from pigeon sport. For decades, Peter has excelled in breeding and racing many (National) ace pigeons and 1st prize winners against thousands of pigeons. The last years he raced in the Dutch competition to which he belonged to the absolute best as a German fancier! In this auction, all proven breeders - often legendary racers of the past - such as Olympiad pigeons Olympic Bonnie and Olympic Clyde will become available. An auction of exceptional quality, exclusively on PIPA. 

Carlo Gyselbrecht (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

As 'master breeder', Carlo has a legendary status in the international extreme long distance scene. Laureaat Barcelona forms the foundation, which he supplemented with the best from a.o. Delrue-Vanbruaene, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Jelle Jellema, as well as proven breeders and racers from related bloodlines. Carlo bred National ace pigeons, National winners and many top 10 ranking pigeons. A phenomenal service record. In this auction are children of great racers and breeders; the best there is for the international classics. 

Tom Van Gaver (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

In this fantastic auction, Tom Van Gaver offers a selection of pigeons from his wonder colony based on the icons FINN PAIR, FINN, RICKY, TETSKE and parents TETSKE. Besides children of these icons, Tom also offers the last youngster ever to be sold in an online auction from super pigeons Little Ricky (Grandfather 1st Final VFWCPR 2022) and Dark Ricky (father top pigeon 4202025/2022 in AfricaPro 2022 and father of 2 National KBDB Ace Pigeons).

The late Jos Bastiaens (BE)
Total auction

One of the best old fashioned Noyon racers in Belgium is Jos Bastiaens ... a phenomenon that was near unbeatable, racing only a small number of pigeons. With the 'Noyonkoppel' (the Noyon pair, in English), Jos has a true base pair that is a guarantee for many generations of winners. Not only on his own lofts, as many top fanciers recognized the class of these pigeons and used them to strengthen their colonies. What to think of Willy Daniëls, with his many National KDBD Ace Pigeons. Pigeons of Willy Daniëls proved their worth on Jos his lofts, as well as several top breeders of Bart Geerinckx. Every weekend Jos went to see Bart Geerinckx's pigeons return home. It meant the start of a close friendship between Bart & Jos. After the passing away of Jos, Bart Geerinckx took over the care of his small but quality rich colony together with Jos' widow. Available in this total auction are the best breeding and racing pigeons; nearly all are winners or breeders of 1st prizes, strongly selected by Bart Geerinckx.