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New auctions: Pattaya OLR (non-payers), Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Comb. Elzinga, March auction, Dean Pallatt, Joël Verschoot, Etienne Meirlaen, Alpdag Brothers & Mike Ganus

Monday the 13th of March these new auctions will start: Pattaya OLR (non-payers), Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Comb. Elzinga, March auction, Dean Pallatt, Joël Verschoot, Etienne Meirlaen, Alpdag Brothers & Mike Ganus.

Pattaya OLR: non-payers auction

Not long ago, the Top 100 Final and Top 100 Ace Pigeons of the Pattaya OLR were sold on PIPA. It was a fantastic auction, of which a few of the buyers didn't manage to pay for their purchased pigeons (on time). PIPA decided to bring these pigeons back to auction; a second chance to obtain one of the stars of the largest One Loft Race in the world!

The highly professional and dedicated organization of the Pattaya International Pigeon Race, the way it is set up, and its development over the years, is admirable. World’s best fanciers battle on this super One Loft Race, which quickly grew out to become one of the most prestigious in the world. Late September, nearly 9,000 pigeons started the training flights across small distances. In a month’s time, the training flights distance increased from 7km to 100km across 15 flights. In November, training flight distances increased to 80 – 220 km, twice a week, until in December the Hot Spot races started from 245km up to the semi-Final across 430km. On 7th January, the Final was raced across 530km with 5,805 pigeons in relatively favorable conditions. A group of 6 pigeons arrived together with a speed of almost 1560 m/min with a 20-minute lead on the rest. The winner was the American Mike Ganus and amongst the first 6 pigeons, 3 continents were represented.

Vermeerbergen-Wilms (BE)
Children from special pairs

The name Vermeerbergen-Wilms is associated with pigeon sport at the highest level. First prizes, (National) ace pigeons and countless top results on provincial and national races are amongst their yearly achievements. On PIPA they offer a select group of pigeons, children of their breeding foundation. From proven children and grandchildren of a/o Pitbull (Van Reeth), Kittel (VD Bulck) and their own Grizzle Ace Wonder … furthermore, the lots include a double grandson Porsche 911, grandchildren of Olympiade star Miss Million (PEC) and youngsters from top pair Pitbull Wonder Breed Wonder (father 43x 1st Prize) x Lucky Girl 211 (super racer). 

Comb. Elzinga (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Olympiad star and 1st National Ace Pigeon Esmee put Comb. Elzinga on the map whilst superstar Prince Esmee added to their fame. Elzinga became a renowned name in (Inter)national pigeon racing with their stock pigeons Hallilujah, Esmee, New Hope and Prince Esmee ensuring top results at their own lofts and for fellow fanciers around the world! In auction on PIPA, they offer a selection of youngsters from their best breeders including Prince Esmee and his best brothers/sisters and children...from top breeder Hallilujah (father Prince Esmee)...from Olympiad star and proven breeder Olympic Marjolein...from star breeder New Esmee (daughter New Harry x Esmee)....and from Sven, National star and breeder of multiple generations of winners. 

March auction

A blessing in disguise for interested buyers and a second chance to purchase exceptional quality. Sometimes, buyers overplay their hand and can't pay for their purchased pigeon. In other cases, problems with export make it impossible to transfer a pigeon to the buyer within reasonable time. Therefore, these pigeons are brought to auction a second time around. The lots include pigeons from different origins, but all from golden bloodlines - as you would expect on PIPA.

Dean Pallatt (UK)
Jellema Special

In this auction, Dean Pallat offers children from his unique direct Jelle Jellema breeders. Dean houses the most valuable Jellema collection in the world; he has direct children from all of Jellema's best pigeons on his breeding loft. In this super auction, he offers gems from children of stock breeder Zwart Goud...from children of 1st Int. Barcelona winner and top breeder Kleine Jade...from children of Olympiad and 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Romee...from children of MG430, breeder of 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020 and many national top racers...from top brother and direct children of Silke, 1st Nat. Barcelona 2020, 2nd Int. Narbonne YL 2016 and wonder breeder...but also from children of 1st Int. Barcelona winner Jef, 1st Nat. Barcelona winner New Witbuik and New Remy and of 3rd INt. Barcelona winner Silvie.... last but not least, from Miss Saffier, winner of 1st Int. Hens & 2nd Int. Pau 2019 and from Blackpool Romee, (grand)father 1st - 2nd Sector and 1st - 7th Grand National Tarbes. 

Joël Verschoot (BE)
Armando Special

One of the greatest stars of Belgian pigeon sport is Joël Verschoot...master of the National classics who raced one of the best Belgian long distance pigeons ever; Armando. This 1st and 3rd National Ace Pigeon was the first pigeon ever to be sold online for more than €1 Million on PIPA. Furthermore, superstar Contador stood in the spotlights on several occasions and still these bloodlines ensure success for Joël. In 2022, the highlights were a/o 1st Nat. Valence, 1st Prov. La Souterrain and the title 5th Nat. Champion Long Distance Old birds KBDB 2022. In auction are a super selection of youngsters bred from children of Armando - including three double grandchildren of Armando!  

Etienne Meirlaen (BE)
Youngsters from top breeders

Etienne Meirlaen has a world-wide legendary status. With icons such as Yelena, Monar, Montali and the Marseille dynasty he excels in international extreme long distance racing. Fanciers that strengthened their colonies with Meirlaen pigeons saw a boost in performances due to the enormous breeding value of this stock. In the meantime, Etienne is still a leading figure in extreme long distance racing and he now offers 6 exclusive pigeons in auction from the following pairs:
- Superbreeder 214 (stock breeder and son Monar) x sister Best Of Belgium (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon)
- Yelena’s Ace (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) x AA genes double granddaughter Yelena
- Provincial St. Vincent (1st Prov & 2nd Nat. St. Vincent) x Miss Narbonne (1st Int. Agen Hens, 2nd Int. Narbonne Hens)
- Marseille Starlight (Top breeding son De Marseille) x Inbred daughter Monar
- Double grandson Superbreeder 214, and inbred grandson Yelena
- Yelena’s Ace (2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) x daughter Olympic Monar & Diamond Anita (both 1st Nat. Ace Pigeons)

Alpdag Brothers (TR)
Youngsters from the best breeders

In their unique drive to create a super colony founded on the best Belgian bloodlines, the Turkish brothers Alpdag invested in pigeons of great descent...what to think of children of 1st National Ace Pigeons KBDB Golden Prince (Clicque), Best Kittel (PIPA Breeding), Armando (Verschoot), Little Star (Geerinckx), Lincia (Lambrechts) … from 1st National Bourges winner Louise (PEC) … but also children of PEC super breeders such as Porsche 911, Lieve (mother Porsche 911), Porsche 088 x Blue Ace Freddyke (parents Wacko Freddy, father Porsche 911) and Geerinckx stock pigeons Gladiator, Blue Lagoon and Wittekop Sylvester. Alpdag offer a beautiful selection of youngsters from all these breeders in auction, here on PIPA. 

Mike Ganus (US)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Having bought several winners of the Million Dollar race and stars of a/o the Victoria Falls OLR and Golden Algarve OLR, Mike Ganus built one of the most impressive One Loft Race colonies in the world. The results that followed were phenomenal. After having won the Million Dollar and the Victoria Falls race, Mike won the final of the Pattaya OLR in 2023. The winner and 1st Ace Pigeon Pattaya were both transferred to the Ganus Family Loft. In this auction, children form the best breeders including Premier My Price (1st Final SAMDPR), Sanjay 1 (1st Finale SAMDPR), Halover (1st Final SAMDPR), Mix (1st Final SAMDPR), Sylt Orpheus (2nd Final SAMDPR), True Class (2nd Final SAMDPR), Copperhead (1st Ace Pigeon Pattaya OLR), Marple (1st Final VFWCPR) and breeders of OLR stars will be on offer.