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New auctions: May auction, Collectors Items, Pallatt KBDB Elite & Europa Masters OLR Winter Race

On Monday 13th of May these new auctions will start: May auction, Collectors Items, Pallatt KBDB Elite & Europa Masters OLR Winter Race.

May auction
Second chance for top-class pigeons

In the international pigeon market, there are sometimes factors that complicate exports; for example, the export to certain countries may be very slow. In some cases, unsold pigeons may not reach the customer within a reasonable time frame. Also, failure to pay for purchased pigeons on time can result in pigeons being re-auctioned. In this May auction, you'll find a great variety of pigeons from leading lofts. Exceptional quality once again up for auction. A unique opportunity to get fantastic pigeons; seize this chance!

Collectors Items

The white ravens of pigeon racing, we all know them. Wherever you go in the world, just mention the names of icons like New Freddy, Harry, Kannibaal, Wittenbuik, Witbuik, or New Laureaat, and you'll see recognition worldwide. Those who still have descendants of these pigeons on their lofts hold gold in their hands... they are truly collector's items! PIPA is always searching for these exclusive pigeons to offer at auction. In this specific auction, you'll find a beautiful collection of these collector's items from famous lofts such as Mike Ganus, Luc De Laere, PIPA Elite Center, BDS Team Belgium, Peter Janssen, Tj. & J. Elzinga, Gustaaf Boeckmans, and Jos Maris.

Pallatt KBDB Elite (UK)
Children from the best offspring of KBDB icons

The English top fancier Dean Pallatt treasures a vast arsenal of exclusive children, siblings, and progeny of legendary 1st National KBDB ace pigeons. Dean has made some magnificent pairings and is offering a PIPA auction of exceptional KBDB quality. It includes children from Daniel's super pigeons Dene, Asra, Miss Lucka, Toya, Katya, and Isabella. Equally exclusive are children of brothers, sisters, and offspring of New Kim; the Van De Wouwer wonder hen. Also up for auction are progeny from the offspring of PIPA Breeding stars Best Kittel, Best Kittel II, Blue Best Kittel, Daniel, and National Ace Hen. Furthermore, there will be young pigeons from children of the icons Porsche 911, Miss Million 483, Armando, Golden Prince, Nadine, Patrick, Cameron, and more.

Europa Masters OLR Winter Race (RO)
Top pigeons in the final race and Ace Pigeons

The Europa Masters Winter Race in Spain takes place under often selective conditions. It's a highly regarded One Loft Race that includes both a summer and winter edition. For the winter edition of 2024, a total of 3,389 pigeons were entered by 367 fanciers. The official training program began on January 12, with 2,326 pigeons still in the running. With small leaps in the first few weeks, the Hot Spot program started on February 28. Hot Spot 1 over 111 km with 2,271 pigeons and a speed of 1595 mpm Hot Spot 2 over 172 km with 2,101 pigeons and a speed of 1,365 mpm Hot Spot 3 over 253 km with 1,489 pigeons and a speed of 1,324 mpm Hot Spot 4 over 301 km with 1,135 pigeons and a speed of 1,447 mpm Semi-final over 384 km with 959 pigeons and a speed of 1,349 mpm The final race on April 11 covered a distance of 509 km with 853 pigeons at the start. The flight went very smoothly, with the German Team Skydiver emerging as the winner. On April 24, there was an additional final race over 620 km for all pigeons that returned from the final, excluding the top 50. In this extra final, there were still 500 participating pigeons, and Thorsten Blank (followed by Great Wall) emerged as a well-known winner. The top 40 pigeons from the final, along with the top 10 ace pigeons and the best pigeons from the extra final, are now up for auction on PIPA. These are the top performers of the Europa Masters Winter Race, often descended from renowned pigeons and bred by champions from around the world.