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New auctions: Les Green, Arie Dijkstra, Demaret-Marichal, Dean Pallatt & Pattaya OLR

Monday 5th of February, these new auctions will start: Les Green, Arie Dijkstra, Demaret-Marichal, Dean Pallatt & Pattaya OLR.

Les Green (UK)
Son Best Kittel with his daughter 1st Combine winner and youngsters from his best breeders & racers

The English champion Les Green seems to have patented 1st Prizes, record-breaking results and has both Provincial and National RPRA Ace Pigeons. After a total auction on PIPA, Les built up a new top colony in which the Best Kittel family takes a leading role. On PIPA he offers several children of his exclusive breeding collection in auction, including double grandchildren of a/o Best Kittel, top son Junior and from children of a/o Best Kittel II, Grizzle Mama, National Ace Hen and Shakira. Exclusive lots in this auction are the 1st Prize winner against 1,419 p. Grizzle Supreme (granddaughter Best Kittel & Best Kittel II) and a direct son of Best Kittel paired to Jackpot's Diamond.

Arie Dijkstra (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Arie Dijkstra possibly built one of the best modern Dutch allround colonies, which received international recognition thanks to an extensive list of highlights at One Loft Races. In reduced form, Arie continued were he left off and despite having fewer pigeons he is just as successful. Winning is in Arie - and his pigeons' - blood and in 2023 he achieved many top results including a/o the trophy for 1st Middle Distance Gouden Duif Aug/Sep. On PIPA Arie offers a new selection of youngsters from his best pigeons, a/o from the pairs: - Olympiad star Olympic King x top breeder Axis Mundi - Top breeder Powderfinger x 1st Prize winner Xandra - The beautiful Chocco Gold x star hen Red Roselyn - Dark Pancho Ulla (brother 4th Super Ace VFWCPR) x Red Roselyn - Super breeder Icarus (son Leonardo x Tinkerbel) x half-sister Ulla

Demaret-Marichal (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The combination Demaret-Marichal d'Herquegies constantly ranked amongst the National Ace Pigeons KBDB in past years. Especially on extreme long distance races they manage great results. Gregory Demaret focusses completely on the racing team whilst his friend Thierry Marichal takes care of the breeding colony. This turned out to be a success formula, so much was clear in recent years. In auction they offer a/o children, brothers and sisters of; - Le Marseille (2nd Int. Marseille 2022) x Chuky 666 (2nd Nat. Narbonne), - Mattheo (5th Nat. Barcelona) x sister Kleine Perpignan (1st Nat. - 7th Int. Perpignan) - Nirvana (1st Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking) x Daughter Ace Etienne (1st Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking) - Le Boss (3rd European Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Dist. & 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) x sister Red Ace (Mortelmans) - Zizou x Mother St. Junien, National top breeders - Le Perpignan (1st Ace Pigeon Brabanconne 2022) x sister 1st Int. Agen 13,189 p. 2017 - Parents Storm (8th Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB) - Le Marseille (2nd Int. Marseille 2022) x La Belle Rouge (mother 9th Int. Hens Agen) - Father Narbonne (father 4th Int. Narbonne) x granddaughter Peggy (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB)

Dean Pallatt (UK)
Total auction Jelle Jellema collection

Through the years, Dean Pallat built a collection of Jelle Jellema pigeons which is unmatched. With children from all the Jellema stars such as Kleine Jade, Romee, Zwart Goud, Silvie, Orion, Saffier, MG430, Dirke (father Kleine Jade), Dafne, Rena, Jill, Saar, Sophie as well as 1st Int. Barcelona winners Jef, New Laureaat and super breeder Rika Arjan Beens. Several of these collectors items have since bred new stars on National races and One Loft Races! In short, significant investments were made to excel in International marathon classics from the UK. When Brexit and COVID made it challenging to participate in those international races, Dean decided to abandon this dream. In 2023, no more breeding took place from the marathon breeding team. Dean now definitively closes that chapter with a sensational auction of all his Jellema breeders on PIPA, featuring direct collector's items. Pigeons of exceptional value!

Pattaya OLR (TH)
Winners from the Final, Extra Final and Ace Pigeons

The professionalism and dedication with which the Pattaya International Pigeon Race is organized and has developed, is highly impressive. At this One Loft Race, the best fanciers from all over the world battle against each other, making it one of the most prestigious races on the planet. Late September more than 10,000 pigeons began the training flights from small distances. These trainings were frequent and could even take place 15 times within one month, going from 5 to 100km. In November the training flights – between 80 and 220 km – were held twice a week and finally in December the first Hot Spot races were flown starting from 245km up to 430km during the semi-final. The Grand Final took place 6th January across 530km with 5,854 pigeons at the start under relatively favorable conditions. There is no One Loft Race in the world where that many pigeons are raced during the final! A large group of pigeons – more than 50 birds – arrived together achieving an average speed of 1530 m/min. The pigeons came home rapidly and after an hour or so already 1,500 pigeons had found their way back to the lofts. As cherry on top of the cake an extra final followed on 16th January; a selective race across 600km. On PIPA, the stars from this One Loft Race; the Final, Extra Final and Ace Pigeons will be available in auction.