New auctions: JP Palm, Klaas & Rik Van Dorp, Jos Cools, Roger Mylle, Jos & Lars Vercammen, Etienne Meirlaen, Stijn & Jeroen Rans, Jelle Roziers & Mike Ganus

Monday the 22nd of February these new auctions will start: JP Palm, Klaas & Rik Van Dorp, Jos Cools, Roger Mylle, Jos & Lars Vercammen, Etienne Meirlaen, Stijn & Jeroen Rans, Jelle Roziers & Mike Ganus

JP Palm (BE)
1st Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB & youngsters 'Olympic Bourges' + parents

Jean Pierre & Yvette Palm have been present with many years of superb performances, but at the end of 2018, they put a wonderful cherry on the cake. Their pigeon Olympic Bourges (BE16-1109229) represented Belgium in cat. B and accomplished the smallest coefficient ever! An amazing achievement!! In an exclusive auction of top quality, Jean-Pierre and Yvette bring among others La Chateauroux (1st prov. Ace pigeon sprint KBDB and 11th nat. Châteauroux 27,081 p. in 2018) and Blauwe 712 (1st prize winner and 2nd prov. Chateauroux)… plus 3 children, a brother, and a sister of Olympic Bourges.

Klaas & Rik Van Dorp (NL)
Kleine Jan Special

The super breeder Kleine Jan occupies a central place in the series of triumphs of Rik and Sten Van Dorp. This quality bird, coming directly from 'good old' Jan Ouwerkerk, became in his breeding career the father of no less than 14x 1st prize winner, racing against an average of more than 3,400 pigeons ... His grandchildren won no less than 43x 1st prize, and his children, such as Lilly (1st-14,159 p. And 1st -2,103 p.), Duffy (1st-2,725 p.) and Evy (1st Ace pigeon rayon) were, in their turn, absolute top-breeders. In a beautiful auction: the 2 latest children of Kleine Jan ever in auction and also some (double) grandchildren. As an extra: children of super racer Black Juwel (granddaughter Kleine Jan) and a sister 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Geerinckx and from children of Best Kittel PIPA Breeding and from sister Porsche 911 PEC.

Jos Cools (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Jos Cools has been one of the country's leading speed wizards for many years. In the Tienverbond Union, he competes every season with many other well-known speed masters, and in these races he proves every time to be a player of exceptional level. The bloodlines of Winnetou and Speedy play a central role in this auction, and also the lines of well-known names such as Di Caprio Heremans, Dirk Van Den Bulck and Staf Boeckmans are present. Moreover, up for auction are: youngsters from the best breeders such as Cher Ami, top-racer Primos, and of course from the latest superstar Remco, as well as from his mother.

Roger Mylle (BE)
Total Sales

It was a big blow to the pigeon world when Roger Mylle passed away at the beginning of August 2020. He was playing once more a super season, as everyone was used to in recent years. Long distance and extreme long distance were the chosen fields of action for the Mylle pigeons. Roger managed to reach the national podium in 2019 as 14th Nat. champion KBDB, and he achieved the 9th Nat. with super-bird Bagatelli, Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance JL KBD. A year earlier, he had already won with Ata the title of 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance and Extreme Long Distance JL KBDB. In that same year, he had also won with Pau-Joël the 1. Best Perpignan pigeon in Belgium over 2 years (PIPA ranking) in 2018, something that he had already previously achieved with "St. Vincent". Although Roger wasn’t there anymore to see this for himself, it was clear that his pigeon family paid a posthumous tribute to their deceased owner by classifying themselves as 9th Nat. champion Long Distance Jl KBDB, 13th General champion KBDB and 21st Nat. champion Extreme Long Distance KBDB, in 2020.

The Roger Mylle pigeons are real top-class and in high demand from very far abroad. With his death, his life's work is now up for auction: a collection of top-breeders, super-racers, and sensationally promising birds. The leaders in this auction, of course Bagatelli (9th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB with 7th and 13th Nat.) and St. Vincent (1st Belgian St. Vincent pigeon over 3 years PIPA Ranking and 1st Int. St. Vincent pigeon over 2 years) ... old top racers and quality breeders, such as De Mathieu, De Libello, De Francis and the stock breeder De Labeeuw… but also big talents, such as Zorro (3x top 40 National) and Blauwen Crack (12th and 39th National). This is going to be a super auction of a legendary pigeon friend who breathed his last at the peak of his glory.

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE)
Children of the best breeders & racers

With the regularity of a Swiss clock, the loft Jos Vercammen manages to classify itself among the very best in the Belgian pigeon sport. The all-round loft from Vremde always competes for the first prize. To accomplish this goal, they rely on an impressive colony of class pigeons, built around the icon Elektro and its many successful descendants such as Samsung, Super Elektro, Elektro Jr. or Mustang. But, in recent years, also Iron Man has given spectacular performances, first as a top racer and now as a breeder. The latest examples of the versatility of the Vercammen pigeons are star-racers La Donna and Sugar. The Vercammen pigeons deliver huge numbers of national winners and Ace pigeons in other lofts, too. Hens from all the best breeders are up for this wonderful auction.

Etienne Meirlaen (BE)
Yelena Special

Unmistakably, Etienne Meirlaen’s Yelena is one of the best breeding hens ever in the extreme long distance. Almost all the best racers in the Meirlaen colony have the DNA of this amazing hen, blessed with the AA gene. Her most famous children were of course the 1st Int. Narbonne winner and super breeder Monar… the 3rd & 12th Nat. Montauban winner and top breeder Montali… 5th, 10th and 73rd Nat. winner De Montauban. Generations further on, new stars have appeared, such as All In One (7th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB), Grandson Yelena (Olympiad pigeon 2018), Olympic Monar (1st extreme long distance 3 prizes 2018), Diamond Anita (1st Nat. Ace pigeon extreme long distance), VIPPau (1st Nat. extreme long distance pigeon 3 Int. races), Yelena's Ace (1st Prov & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2020). In this special auction: all Yelena’s double grandchildren!

Stijn & Jeroen Rans (BE)
Youngsters/sisters/brothers of the best breeders

In recent years, the Rans brothers from Wijgmaal have firmly established themselves at the top of the (inter)national extreme long distance. The national victory from Pau and Perpignan (2017) and the magnificent international victory from Barcelona (2019) made them specialists of the marathon. Their superman, Jef, became world famous with the 1st Int. Barcelona 2019 and is now top breeder at Batenburg-VD Merwe PEC. In a marvelous auction on PIPA: several grandchildren of Jef and of Eddy (father Jef) x sister Jef… but also children from the couples
- Frans (1st Nat. Perpignan & top breeder) x daughter Jef
- Frans (1st Nat. Perpignan & top breeder) x Rikie (mother 1st Nat. Pau)
- Stan (11th Nat. Marseille) x Linn (78th Nat. Marseille)
- Son Jef x Chanti, 2nd Nat. Valence & half-sister Jef
- Ed (grandfather 1st-11th-16th-25th-37th-37th-45th Nat.) X Daughter 4th Nat. Barcelona (mother 11th -16th -78th nat)

Jelle Roziers (BE)
New Queen L Special

In Jelle Roziers’ colony of champions, a prominent place is reserved for New Queen L, winner of 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB youngsters at Nat. races and exponent of the legendary Queen L dynasty. In this auction: a small but very valuable collection of youngsters, all closely related to New Queen L. Including a child and half-sister of New Queen L… but also the super couplings Queeny Jack (top breeder) x Narita (mother 2x 1st and daughter New Queen L)… and from Son New Queen L x Arizona (54th Nat. Argenton & sister New Queen L).

Mike Ganus (US)
Youngsters of the best breeders

Mike Ganus is one of the ultimate icons in the International pigeon sport - the class of the stars that he managed to bring together in the team One Loft Race in his capital breeding colony is unparalleled! In this auction, you can find a small group of youngsters from some of his best breeders… children of the super couples:
- 2 children Strainmaker x Blue Diamond, parents of Said In Spun Silver 2nd final SAMDPR
- 2 children Sun City x Margo's Treasure, parents of Laura Is A Big Winner Today, 1st final SAMDPR
- 1 child of Said In Spun Silver 2nd final SAMDPR x Halover 1st final SAMDPR
- 1 child of Premier My Price x Laura Is A Big Winner Today, both 1st final SAMDPR