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New auctions: Jos Thoné, Pieter Veenstra, Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers, Davy Tournelle, Alpdag Brothers & Mike Ganus

Monday the 18th of October, these new auctions will start: Jos Thoné (BE), Pieter Veenstra (NL), Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (BE), Davy Tournelle (BE), Alpdag Brothers (TR) & Mike Ganus (US).

Jos Thoné (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

The past years, Jos Thoné has dominated on many levels: National victories, Olympiad pigeons, KBDB ace pigeons are amongst the successes he achieved. Jos made a beautiful selection of youngsters from his best pigeons to auction on PIPA. Some auction highlights are Salli (1st Nat. Zone Souillac from Zoon 801 Aelbrecht), Muday (1st Nat. Zone Argenton & 14th Nat. Chateauroux) and Oliver Junior (1st Nat. Zone Argenton) … further auction lots include children and siblings to super pigeons such as Candira (Olympiad pigeon with 11x 1st prize), Hulk (5x 1st prize), Babe (1st Nat. Ace pigeon LCB with 10x 1st prize), Figo James (1st Nat. Chateauroux pigeon 2018-2019), Nina (1st Nat. Bourges 2021), Kajo (1st Prov. Ace pigeon KBDB with 14x 1e), Galaxus (5x 1st prize), Aretha (7x 1st prize), Remco (1st Nat. Zone Argenton), Tilly (1st Nat. Tulle), Calatrava (2nd Final Derby Costa Del Sol), etc., etc.

Pieter Veenstra (NL)
Return Flojo Special

At the heart of Pieter Veenstra's colony is super pigeon Return Flojo. The winner of 1st Grand Average Ace Bird SAMPDR 2018, now ensures greatness on both the breeding and racing lofts. Her brothers and sisters such as Jappeloup, Cartier and Versace are also breeding wonders of which children have won many 1st prizes and NPO Top 10 spots, but also stand out on one loft races around the world. Currently, nearly every top racer at the Veenstra lofts has Return Flojo blood running through their veins. This auction contains a wonderful selection of the best children, (half)brothers and sisters to Return Flojo...absolute top lot is the last full brother to Return Flojo ever in auction...a son to Return Flojo x her own father and the first double grandchild to Return Flojo available in auction! 

Van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

With Poco Barcelona, Jacques, Vincent and Irene own the best Barcelona pigeon in Belgium across 2 and 3 years in 2019. The winner of this multi-year ranking on the Spanish classic became pivotal to the further development of the colony. Barcelona is the season highlight for van Ouwerkerk-Dekkers and with such a crack on their lofts, new successes are a matter of time. Countless national and provincial top results have been achieved in Brasschaat. Every season they belong to the best on the international extreme long distance races. Their strong colony, of which Poco Barcelona is the greatest star, forms the base to these successes. In this super auction on PIPA, children to Poco Barcelona as well as other cracks such as Close One (2nd Nat. & 7th Int. Agen), Pau Zeppelin (7th Nat. Pau), De 493 (9th Int. Agen 2021), Paula (29th Nat. Pau & 38th Nat. Agen) and The Eagle (4x Top 100 National) will be available.

Davy Tournelle (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers & breeders

The fact that Davy Tournelle houses talent on his lofts, is an understatement. In 2021 there was plenty of reason to celebrate with a national victory on La Souterraine against 22,289 pigeons on account of Tiesto's Dream. Following the national victories on Issoudun against 8,248 pigeons in 2019 and Argenton against 16,762 pigeons and Tulle against 4,451 yearlings in 2019. Several national winners and top performers elsewhere where also from Tournelle bloodlines! In this auction, a group of youngsters from the best racers and breeders will be sold, more than 30 lots including the first children to Tiesto's Dream ever in auction but also children to icons such as Torres, Tevez, Mystery Man, El Torro and (parents to) National winners & ace pigeons such as Tiesto's Lady, Miss Torres, Masseratti, Tiesto's Ace, Queen of Prime, Tiesto's Hero, etc., etc. 

Alpdag Brothers (TR)
Armando Special

In their never ending search for top quality, the Turkish brothers Alpdag have invested in, amongst others, pigeons from Armando of Joel Verschoot. This legendary pigeon has a sensational palmares (1st-2nd-2nd-10th National) and was crowned 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB 2018 (with a coefficient record), 1st Olympiad pigeon and 3rd Nat. Ace pigeon Long Distance KBDB 2017. He moved to the Chinese collector Kai Er for a record amount of €1,200,000 and has already bred provincial winners and top racers. On PIPA, the brothers Alpdag will offer 8 double grandchildren to Armando in combination with other super DNA such as Porsche 911 (PEC icon), Nadine (1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB) and Gloria (2nd Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB). 

Mike Ganus (US)
Thomas 6 Special

Mike Ganus owns an impressive amount of International One Loft Race stars. He has the largest collection Million Dollar winners and winners of other highly regarded one loft races. A new star in his colony is Thomas 6, glorious winner of the Algarve Golden Race and grandchild to the famous Romario, possibly the best one loft race bloodline. In this auction, children, (half)brothers and sisters to Thomas 6, paired to other golden lines from the Ganus colony, will be sold. These pigeons perform wherever they are placed around the globe!