New auctions: Jos & Lars Vercammen, September auction, Collectors items, Pyramids OLR: non-payers, Türkiye International OLR, Alpdag brothers & Mike Ganus

Monday the 11th of September, these new auctions will start: Jos & Lars Vercammen, Collectors items, Pyramids OLR: non-payers, Türkiye International OLR, Alpdag brothers & Mike Ganus.

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE)
Flash Auction

PIPA always stays on top of the latest news, and therefore organizes several 'Flash auctions' during the racing season of fanciers that have recently performed exceptionally well. Top results, sensational series, ace pigeons; they are in abundance. The 2022 season was no exception, having won the title of 1st National Champion Heavy Middle Distance Old birds & Yearlings KBDB 2022 and many more prestigious titles. The golden genes of stock pigeons Elektro, Mustang en new breeding revelation Iron Man have ensured the necessary stars on the racing lofts. In 2023, they will again receive National recognition for their top results. From this phenomenal stock, pigeons will be available in this Flash Auction on PIPA of which many are related to the top performers from the 2022 and 2023 racing seasons.

Collectors items

A pigeon can become a Collectors Item for various reasons. This can be due to age, the passing away of a super breeder or (breeding) results of the pigeon in question. They all have one thing in common; they are invaluable. In a special auction on PIPA, a diverse selection of unique Collectors Items are on offer. This auction's lots include pigeons from famous lofts including Gaby Vandenabeele, Mike Ganus, Verweij-De Haan, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, PEC, De Smeyter-Restiaen, Tom Van Gaver, Dirk Deroose, Jeroen & Stijn Rans, BDS Team België, Kaier Breeding, Marcel Sangers, Roger Mylle and Stef Bals.

Pyramids OLR: non-payers

In the previous auction season, the stars from the Pyramids One Loft Race were available on PIPA. Several pigeons which were sold have not made it to their new owner for various reasons and are therefore brought back to auction a second time. The Pyramids One Loft Race is known for its extremely selective conditions, where only true diehards stand out from the pack. The loft is located in Northern Egypt, where a combination of high temperatures and low humidity are very demanding. A total of 3,162 pigeons were entered to the race which were trained and raced on official flights from 150 to 500km, with intermediary races of 200km - 250km - 325km - 400km. The selection proved to be hard; 414 pigeons reached the Final which went successfully, with pigeons from nearly all continents at the top of the charts! 

Türkiye International OLR

On August 6th, under highly selective conditions, the Final of the Türkiye International OLR was raced. The professional preparation lead to a great battle in the 37 degree Celsius heat. The pigeons flew home from an easterly direction to the loft near Bursa across a distance of 505km. On PIPA the Top 3 of this OLR are available in auction, pigeons with an iron will from renowned bloodlines. These athletes all returned home on the day of release.      

Türkiye International OLR is an upcoming race. After four successful editions with mostly Turkish pigeons, the next step has been made to welcome more international participants. The experience in managing the race in the past years is something the organization wishes to demonstrate to an international audience. Next year the intake period will start early March, with the Final taking place in August. Please find more information on their Facebook page: Türkiye International One Loft Race. 

Alpdag brothers (TR)
Armando Special

In their drive to build a super colony, the Turkish Alpdag brothers invested in children of what possibly is the best long distance pigeon ever to have raced the skies; Armando! This star was crowned 1st National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2018 and 3rd National Ace Pigeon KBDB 2017....became Olympiad pigeon and 1st PIPA Ranking with a/o 1st Nat. Angouleme, 2nd Nat. Limoges, 2nd Nat. Limoges, 10th Nat. Limoges. No wonder that this phenomenon was the first pigeon to be sold for more than 1 million Euro during the auction of Joël Verschoot on PIPA. In the meantime, sons and daughters of Armando have brought forth new super racers for the Alpdag brothers. In this auction they offer ten double grandchildren from Armando. 

Mike Ganus (US)
Kinderen van de beste kwekers

The most impressive OLR breeding colony is in the hands of Mike Ganus ... for years he invested in winners of the Million Dollar race, Victoria Falls OLR, Pattaya PIPR and Golden Algarve OLR race ... with the ultimate goal of scoring high points himself and he succeeded admirably with wins in both the Million Dollar race, Victoria Falls and Pattaya OLR. In auction he offers children of strong breeders, with very exclusively one of the last children of Wolverine ever in auction ... but also children of a.o. Thomas 6 (1st final Algarve OLR & top breeder), Halover (1st final SAMDPR), Marple (1st final VFWCPR), Little Miss Nikki (1st final SAMDPR), Sylt Orpheus (2nd final SAMDPR), True Class (2nd final SAMDPR) and breeders of OLR toppers.