New auctions: John Crehan & Brugse Barcelona Club

Today, Tuesday October 17th, 2 new auctions will start. These auctions will end on Sunday October 29th.

Crehan & O'Connor
Jan Hooymans Collection
John Crehan and Jan Hooymans are both determined to excel, and their joint passion has led to John bringing pigeons from the invaluable Harry dynasty to England for the third year in a row. These pigeons are then put to the test in their loft in England, where they have achieved great results in the major races. A select number of talented youngsters from this highly successful team of breeders will be sold on PIPA, along with some unflown youngsters straight from Jan Hooymans's collection.

Brugse Barcelona Club (BE)
Gifted pigeons auction
The Bruges Barcelona Club is considered to be one of the world's most prestigious pigeon clubs. There is no other award quite as prestigious as their Gouden Vleugel award, which goes to the most successful pigeons in Barcelona. The Bruges Barcelona Club gets some of its revenues from gifts from some very renowned fanciers, and the club has opted for the PIPA platform to put up for auction some of these invaluable birds. This is a group of Barcelona racing birds of impeccable quality!

Beeckmans-Huygh (BE)
Top class racing bird + youngsters of best Gaby Vandenabeele breeders
The Beeckmans - Huygh combination became a highly successful longer middle distance team in Belgium in a very short period of time. The team claimed several provincial first prizes after just three years of racing. One of the main pillars behind this success story is their collection of Gaby Vandenabeele birds, including youngsters of Rudy. This name will probably ring a bell with anyone who fancies top class bloodlines. A group of youngsters of the best Vandenabeele breeders of Beeckmans-Huygh will now be sold on PIPA, including most notably a provincial winner; a grandson of the famous Rudy.