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New auctions: February Auction, JP Palm, Simon Van Hoeve, Hardy Krüger, Kemper Pigeons, Ad Fortuin, Arie Dijkstra, Alpdag brothers & Brockamp Racing Team

Monday the 13th of February these new auctions will start: February Auction, JP Palm, Simon Van Hoeve, Hardy Krüger, Kemper Pigeons, Ad Fortuin, Arie Dijkstra, Alpdag brothers & Brockamp Racing Team.

February auction

A blessing in disguise for interested buyers, a second chance to purchase exceptional pigeons. Sometimes it turns out that buyers are unable to pay for their purchased pigeon. In other cases, problems with export hinder sold pigeons being transported to their buyers within reasonable time. Therefore, these pigeons are brought back to auction a second time. Although they are often from different backgrounds, they are all gems from golden bloodlines - as you would expect on PIPA. 

JP Palm (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders & racers

With their Olympiad sensation - with the lowest coefficient ever - BE16-1109229 Olympic Bourges of Jean-Pierre and Yvette Palm received international recognition in pigeon sport. In 2021, another pigeon from the loft was ranked 3rd Olympic pigeon BE in the category D. This topper, Romain (received as an egg from Adrien Mirabelle), ended the racing season being ranked as well 8th Nat. ace GMD KBDB. In auction are children of the best breeding and racing pigeons as well as a grandson of the PEC icons, Porsche 911.

Simon Van Hoeve (NL)
Auction of the best racers and breeders

A star in the Zeelandic pigeon scene is Simon Van Hoeve. He is the neighbor of Jaap Scheele and therefore owns several fantastic Scheele pigeons, supplemented with pigeons from Elzinga. Simon regularly manages to excel at the highest level! On PIPA, he offers several exceptional pigeons, including;- Super breeder Simo, father of NPO/Provincial Top 10 winners and full brother of Timo and Tygo - Macho, 2nd Prov.  Ace Pigeon Zeeland in 2017 and 2018 - Pearl, 9th Prov.  Ace Pigeon Zeeland 2018 - Duncan, winner 1st Fontenay 1,024 p. and half-brother Macho - Matthieu, 2x Top 10 NPO and his sister Jutta, 7th NPO Issoudun - Ceylin, 1st Prov. P. St. Maxence and 8th Prov.  Ace Pigeon from Macho …  - Zoey, 4th Prov. Ace Pigeon 2021 and 6th Prov. Ace Pigeon 2022

Hardy Krüger (DE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

The impact of Hardy Krüger pigeons around world is enormous. Very few colonies can match the breeding potential that is this German fancier houses on his lofts, something which becomes evident on prestigious One Loft Races around the world time and time again. On PIPA, Hardy now offers children from his best breeders. Children of which excel on One Loft Races, often descending from OLR champions themselves. Famous names such as Cut The Cuterness, Street Birdy, Blue Pearl, Pearl Porsche, Blue Sky, etc., etc. star in this auction. 

Kemper Pigeons (DE)
All breeders + selection of youngsters

The German combination Kemper Pigeons managed to bring together a select but unique group of breeders. They got hold of the best lines from the Best Kittel dynasty and Porsche 911 dynasty, and added several valuable OLR pigeons, true collectors items! Due to special circumstances, Kemper Pigeons now auctions these pigeons in a total sale on PIPA! True gems will be on offer, including; - Nest brother of Victory Best Kittel, 1st Super Ace Victoria Falls WCPR 2021, from Best Kittel x Daughter Ornat.- Europa Winner, 1st Final Europa Masters OLR 420 km 2022- Algarve Great 065, 1st Prize Final Algarve Great Derby OLR 486 km 2022- Son wonder pair Ornat x Super46- Exclusive daughter of Demely Lilaene pair Mister Unique x Miss Argenton- Double grandchild OLR breeding legend Romario- Double grandchild New Laureaat x Kleine Jade via Jelle JellemaFurthermore, the auction includes young birds from the most important OLR legends Pebbles, Romen 453 and the children of Best Kittel, Junior, Blck King (Krüger), etc.

Ad Fortuin (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders and performance pigeons

It seems like the stream of successes for Ad Fortuin is never ending. As a good friend of Hugo Batenburg, he has secured himself with super genes on the lofts; the performances he achieves are out of this world. In 2022, sensational results were achieved on Perpignan (1st-3rd-12th-17th National), Narbonne (3rd National) and Bergerac (3rd National S2) - following the 1st Int. St. Vincent 2019 and 1st Nat. Agen 2018. The past season was one to remember for Ad, and he now offers youngsters from his best breeders and racers on PIPA. The lots include children from Ad (1st Nat. Perpignan) and his parents Mats x Miss Urk...from Maradonna (29th and 37th NAt. and 6th Ace Pigeon Int. races) and his parents Mamba x Willeke's Laureaat...from Joep (3rd Nat. S2 Bergerac) x Yfke (1st Nat. S2 Narbonne)...and from Faas (13rd Nat. Marseille) x Venus (15th NAt. Agen and 5th Int. Ace Pigeon Yearlings).

Arie Dijkstra (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Pigeons from Arie Dijkstra are renowned world-wide. Firstly, because the Dijkstra pigeon has performed at the highest level for decades on races from 100km to 1,000km. This stock of pigeons - largely founded on the pair Leonardo x Tinkelbel - is unique in The Netherlands. The popularity of this stock grew through many impressive references from prestigious One Loft Races. Arie has recently reduced the number of pigeons he keeps, but the quality is higher than ever. On PIPA, he offers a wonderful selection of youngsters from his best breeders. 

Alpdag brothers (TR)
Geerinckx & KBDB Special

Pigeons from Bart Geerinckx have a prominent place in the unbelievable collection of breeding gems housed by the Alpdag brothers. These pigeons regularly manage great breeding results and nearly all descend from the best of the champions loft in Wommelgem. In auction are young birds from children of the stock pigeons Wittekop Sylvester, Gladiator and of top performers such as the 1st Nat. KBDB Ace Pigeon Little Star (and from parents Little Star) and 1st Prov. KBDB Ace Pigeon Smart Boy...but also young birds from children of a/o the KBDB superstars Armando, Golden Prince, Lincia...and of PEC icons Porsche 911 (and his mother Lieve) and Louise...a collection of world-class quality! 

Brockamp Racing Team (DE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Around the millennium change, Hans-Peter Brockamp and father Peter were known to be one of the strongest extreme long distance racers in Europe. Superstars such as Euro Diamond, Mistral and various other (Inter)national winners were world-famous. After his total auction on PIPA, Hans-Peter and his wife Britta put their focus on the German racing calendar, as well as participating in prestigious One Loft Races around the world. In the meantime, a fantastic breeding team has been built for this cause, aiming to battle for the win on the largest One Loft Races in the world. The successes are extraordinary. In auction are children from the best breeders, such as the 1st Final Pattaya PIPR OLR Pattaya Diamond...from 1st Final Algarve Golden Race Alaunus … from 4th and 5th Final Pattaya PIPR OLR winners … from 3rd Final Sevilla OLR winner and her parents… and from other valuable breeders, often descending from the Porsche 911 bloodlines of the PIPA Elite Center.