New auctions: Extreme Long Distance, Jan Keen, Johan Bleyen

On Tuesday the 20th of January 2015, 3 new auctions started. All these auctions will end on Saturday the 31st of January 2015.

Extreme Long Distance Auction

Some of The Netherlands’ most iconic long distance fanciers have brought together a group of youngsters from their very best racers and breeders, making for a collection of pigeons of exceptional quality, based on some of the most internationally renowned bloodlines. This collection is brought to you by the top lofts of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, the Murk combination, the Verweij-De Haan combination, Daan Besseling, Jelle Jellema, Louw Van Den Berg and Twan Bongers. These fanciers know what it means to claim victory in some of the world’s most important competitions!

Jan Keen (NL)

Top racing birds + youngsters from best breeders

Jan Keen has NPO victories, different (national) ace pigeon titles and several first prizes against thousands of pigeons under his belt, making him one of the leading names in the north-eastern region of The Netherlands. His pigeons are now in great demand, because they proved a great addition in many other lofts as well. This is not surprising for a pigeon family that is based on the invaluable bloodlines of Dirk Van Dyck, Günter Prange, Gerard Koopman and Fernand Marien. Jan is now selling a number of racing pigeons, along with youngsters of ‘The Bullet’, ‘Michael 1’, ‘Michael 2’, etc.

Johan Bleyen (BE)

Some top racing birds & breeders - Incl. father 1. Nat. Bourges

Johan Bleyen has managed to achieve head turning results season after season. He has been particularly successful in the national races, having won quite a few national top ten prizes! Johan will be selling a select group of excellent pigeons exclusively on PIPA, including the sire of the 1st nat. Bourges 2011, the winner of a 4th nat. Bourges, as well as his best Leo Heremans descendants, bred from ‘Nieuwe Rossi’, ‘Jan Junior’, ‘Rossi’ and others.