New auctions: Extreme Long Distance en Best of Poland

Today, Tuesday March 8th, 2 new auctions started. The auctions will end on Sunday March 20.


Extreme Long Distance

Brothers/sisters/youngsters of top class extremely long distance pigeons

The extreme long distance is a discipline only suited for pigeons that combine endurance, perseverance, and flexibility. A pigeon has to be able to push itself to the limit and at the same time try to save energy. This discipline basically requires powerful but intelligent pigeons. This is the type of pigeon that can win early prizes in the most renowned international races. PIPA asked some of the most successful extreme long distance fanciers to sell some of their marathon pigeons, bred from their best racing birds and breeders. The result is quite a prestigious pigeon auction.

Best of Poland


The best fanciers from Poland were among the first fanciers from Eastern Europe that looked for reinforcements in Germany, The Netherlands and Belgium. They obtained pigeons from top class lofts to try and improve their level of performance. These pioneers became very successful, and they managed to create pigeon breeds with a level of quality that matches some of the best pigeon families from our sport's countries of origin. Few of these Polish fanciers have decided now to offer some of their best birds in a special PIPA auction.