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New auctions: Derby Arona & Mike Ganus

On Monday 29th of April these new auctions will start: Derby Arona & Mike Ganus.

Derby Arona (ES)
Winner final + ace pigeons

Arguably the toughest One Loft Race in Western Europe is the Derby Arona in Tenerife. The road to the final demands the utmost from the participants; they must deal with extreme heat and fly over water, and this combination consistently distinguishes the strongest, the ultra-athletes among the racing pigeons, from the rest. The flight program started in January, with qualification flights ranging from 3 km to 20 km – at the beginning of January, 1,112 pigeons were at the start. In February, several additional training flights followed, and at the end of February, the first flights over the sea took place... Between February 26 and March 14, there were car flights of 100 km – 125 km – 125 km... After which the final race took place on March 23, 2024, over 250 km, with 322 pigeons at the start. An enormous prize pool is distributed over all flights, with the winner of the final receiving 20,000 Euros. After a challenging preseason, the final race in 2024 was a relatively smooth flight. A leading group of 3 pigeons shared the podium, after which the pigeons arrived in groups, often closely following each other. The winner hailed from Belgian soil, namely the pigeon Jenka bred by Geert and Koen Couvreur from renowned PEC x Van Gaver x Sam Bostoen x Team BDS lines... a unique blend of Belgian class, in short. In auction, all the top performers from the final and the ace pigeons are available; in other words, the gems of the Canary Islands.

Mike Ganus (US)
Offspring of the OLR superbreeders

For years, Mike Ganus has been attracting winners of the Million Dollar race and stars of events like the Victoria Falls OLR and Golden Algarve OLR, forming the most impressive One Loft Race colony in the world. And it has paid off handsomely for him – Mike has won the 'big 3' of One Loft races: the Million Dollar race, Victoria Falls Classic, and the Pattaya PIPR OLR. Now, in auction, offspring of Ganus' top performers are available, including stars in finals or breeders of OLR champions. Directly from renowned names like Thomas 6, Said in Spun Silver, Marple, Night Angel, Halover, Copperhead, African Rocket, and Simply The Best.