New auctions: Derby Arona & Delrue-Vanbruaene

Today, Monday May 9., 2 new auctions started. These auctions will end on Sunday May 21.

Derby Arona

Winners and ace pigeons

The Derby Arona in Tenerife quickly gained a reputation as the toughest one day loft race worldwide. This race is only suited for pigeons with a lot of endurance, and pigeons with a top class pedigree. In this auction we have the best pigeons from the final and the best ace pigeons. Most of these birds come from renowned fanciers and are related to unique bloodlines. This is a golden opportunity to obtain something very special!

Delrue-Vanbruaene (BE)

Youngsters of their best breeders

The Vanbruaene bloodline is widely regarded as the cornerstone of the Belgian extreme long distance. The phenomenon André Vanbruane created a pigeon family that achieved some incredible results, and that still counts as one of the strongest breeds worldwide. The old bloodlines of Barcelona II and Geschelpte Stier provide the basis for many years of supremacy in the extreme long distance. All the pigeons in this auction are closely related to these invaluable old bloodlines!