New auctions: Collectors items, Pyramids OLR, Franz-Josef Irmer & Pieter Oberholster

Monday the 22nd of May, these new auctions will start: Collectors items, Pyramids OLR (EG), Franz-Josef Irmer (DE) & Pieter Oberholster (UK).

Collectors items
Diverse selection of unique pigeons

Pigeons can be Collectors Items for various reasons. This can be due to age, the passing away of a super breeder or (breeding) results of the pigeon in question. They all have one thing in common; they are invaluable. In a special auction on PIPA, a diverse selection of unique Collectors Items are on offer. The lots include pigeons from famous lofts such as Mike Ganus, Leo Heremans, Verweij-De Haan, Karlo Van Rompaey, Irmer & Zoon, J. & S. Rans, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Samuel Lofts, G. & C. Cooper, Van De Velde and the PIPA Elite Center.

Pyramids OLR (EG)
Final winners and Ace Pigeons

In the One Loft Race scene, Pyramids One Loft race is known for its selective conditions only suitable for real die-hards. The loft is based in Northern Egypt, where high temperatures in combination with dry conditions make it a very demanding event. Pigeons were sent from across the world in 2022 to battle for the highest honor and more than €100,000 in prize money. A total of 3,162 pigeons were initially sent to the 2022 edition of this OLR. After a training program, the official races were flown from 150km to 500km, with races of 200km - 250km - 325km - 400km in between. The selection to the final was tough; 414 pigeons reached the final, which went very well. Pigeons from nearly all continents were found at the top of the charts! In this auction on PIPA, all stars from the final and ace pigeon competition will be on offer. True warriors, capable of handling extreme conditions.

Franz-Josef Irmer (DE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

One of the strongest breeding lofts in Germany is owned by Irmer & Son. As a PIPA Agent, Franz-Josef knows what it is to handle cracks and he managed to bring together an exclusive collection of breeders himself. In this auction, children from his most valuable breeders will be on offer. His most prominent breeders include the 1st Final Million Dollar race winner Victor and direct children from a/o Porsche 911 (PEC), Kittel (VD Bulck) and Best Kittel (PIPA Breeding) … without doubt ‘the best of the best’.

Pieter Oberholster (UK)
Best breeders & racers

The sudden passing away of Pieter Oberholster was a huge shock for the complete PIPA Team. Pieter was a valued colleague, but above all a considerate and kind person. He is still missed everyday at PIPA and by his close family. Pieter leaves behind an extremely talented colony, renowned for its performances at One Loft Races but also on his own lofts. As a last tribute, Pieter's most valuable breeders and racers from his carefully selected colony will be auctioned. This colony is partly built up from Vandenabeele bloodlines (from super children Bliksem and Rudy), but also with super genes from a/o Birdy, Alfons Klaas, Hans-Paul Esser, car winner MJ1, Golden Prince, Mother Prince Rudy, the Gabriella bloodlines Gino Clicque and from direct children of Best Kittel. Furthermore, this superb colony includes children from marathon icons such as 1st International winners New Laureaat, Jef and Forrest Junior, all of which will be available in auction.