New Auctions: Collector's Items, Derby Arona en Broers/zussen en kinderen uit nationale asduiven KBDB

Today, Tuesday May 10th, 3 new auctions started. These auctions will end on Sunday May 22th.

Derby Arona 2016

Winners and Ace Pigeons

The Derby Arona in Tenerife quickly gained a reputation as the toughest one day loft race worldwide. This race is only suited for pigeons with a lot of endurance, and pigeons with a top class pedigree. In this auction we bring you about 50 pigeons, including the best racing birds in the final and the best ace pigeons.

Collector's Items

In many auctions you will find youngsters from highly renowned pigeons, which have often been sold to foreign countries for a lot of money, or were no longer fertile due to their age. These pigeons are collector's items with great value, and PIPA will be selling a few of them in auction.

Brothers, Sisters & Children National Ace Pigeons KBDB

To many fanciers topping the national ace bird championships is like entering the hall of fame of pigeon racing. After all, a national ace bird is a pigeon capable of repeatedly excelling in major competitions.