New auctions: Charity Auction: Earthquake Turkey & Syria, J. Doldersum & Zn, Kurt Platteeuw, Gebroeders Homma, Gebr. Leideman, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Chris Hebberecht & Jos Thoné

Monday the 20th of March these new auctions will start: Charity Auction: Earthquake Turkey & Syria, J. Doldersum & Zn, Kurt Platteeuw, Gebroeders Homma, Gebr. Leideman, Geoff & Catherine Cooper, Chris Hebberecht & Jos Thoné.

Charity Auction: Earthquake Turkey & Syria

The news of the disastrous earthquakes in Turkey and Syria had a huge impact around the world. Countless buildings were destroyed, thousands of people lost their lives and even more were injured. Humanitarian aid came quickly but it will take years and years to recover from this natural disaster. PIPA wants to contribute to rebuilding the areas which were hit by this earthquake and asked several of its partners to help set up a charity auction. The result is this top-class auction of which all proceeds will be donated to help victims of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. 

J. Doldersum & Zn. (NL)
Performance pigeons and a couple of young birds

Enrico Doldersum, together with his wife Wendy and daughter Sophie, have managed phenomenal achievements in Dutch pigeon sport. Fantastic series, 1st Prizes in large races and Top 10 NPO results led to the title of 1st National Fancier of The Netherlands in 2021. An incredible performance. Recent additions from PIPA Breeding brought the latest quality injection. On PIPA they offer a/o the 6th National Ace Pigeon Short Distance Young birds 2019...1st Ace Pigeon Late tour from super son Best Kittel x Car winner Golden Algarve race...winner 2nd Prov. Quievrain against 11,853 pigeons from super son Junior...winner 1st NPO Nanteuil against 3,029 p. and winner 1st Bierges against 6,752 p., both from super son Best Kittel...and four youngsters 2023 from the best breeders! 

Kurt Platteeuw (BE)
Greta + several of her children and from other (Inter)national winners

The legendary status of Kurt Platteeuw in pigeon sport is undisputed. The way he prepares his stars to reach their full potential is phenomenal. Kurt wins often and a lot, but winning never bores. The victory with Greta on Bourges in 2021 against 34,315 pigeons - winner against the largest number of pigeons for a PEC pigeon - was celebrated grandly. Super hen Greta was bred at PEC from son Porsche 911 x mother Ace Norma. Now that Greta is brought to auction on PIPA, one might she is back to her roots. She will be auctioned together with several other special pigeons, such as the first child ever in auction from 1st Int. Agen winner Blue Silver...the first two children ever in auction from 1st Nat. Brive winner National Gaston...and 2 children from 1st Nat. Bourges winner Greta, paired to a/o full brother Melissa, fastest pigeon on Bourges 2022. 

Gebroeders Homma (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders incl. Olympic Luna

Elco and Ydo Homma achieve great results every season, and seem to have a yearly subscription on a provincial victory. These brothers can't count their provincial victories against an average of 10,000 pigeons on one hand anymore, but this isn't all. Olympic Luna brought the men to the top of mount Olympus as 1st Yearling at the Olympiad in Romania 2022. The brothers now auction eight gems on PIPA, including two sons and two full brothers of Olympic Luna in addition to children from a/o New Maldini (father 8x 1st prize), Iceman (father 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon & winner 6x 1st prize), Feline (1st Chimay 3,345 p.) and her father Hardrock Z (father 5x 1st prize incl. 1st against 16,444 p.).

Gebr. Leideman (NL)
Arturo x Tila Special

André and Bert Leideman are amongst the greatest superstars of Dutch pigeon sport. Their unmatched series and victories against thousands of pigeons – often with an impressive lead – are breathtaking. With Goed Grijs, Silver Dream and the Roeper pigeons they built an ironclad foundation. Furthermore, they thank many of their successes to a new wonder pair: Arturo x Tila. Not only the brothers are keen on the breeding value of this pair; many fanciers were successful with their genes! Direct children win a/o:1st Nat. S4 Issoudun 709 km – 3,746 p.1st Interprov. Weert 13,141 p.2nd Nat. S4 Chateauroux 731 km 3,647 p.3rd-8th-13th-14th Nat. S4 Lorris 597 km 6,086 p.3rd Prov. Dreis-Bruck 18,212 p.3rd Nat. S4 Sens 4,995 p.4th Nat. S4 Sens 4,672 p.5th Prov. Venlo 4,910 p.5th Prov. Rethel 8,181 p.1st Venlo 570 p.

Grandchildren of Arturo x Tila confirm the exceptional class of this pair:

  •   1st Nat, S2 Vierzon 567 km 7,956 p. (at G. & S. Verkerk)
  •   1st NPO Chalons jong 433 km 3,892 p. (at Gebr. Leideman)
  •   1st NPO Argenton 568 km 3,127 p. (at Gijs Baan)
  •   1st Interprov. Sittard 18,592 p. (at Foppe VD Meer)
  •   1st Prov. Arlon 13,967 p. 2022 (g.child ‘Tila’ at Henk Slot)
  •   1st Prov. Kalkar 13,922 p. (at Broos Family)
  •   1st Prov. Gennep 12,570 p. (at Gebr. Leideman)
  •   1st Prov. Fontenay 6,455 p. (at Gebr. Scheele)
  •   3x 1st Prov. winnaar 2,580 - 1,625 - 1,384 p. (at Wolfgang Roeper)
  •   1st-2nd-2nd-2nd-3rd-4th-7th-7th-8th-10th 1,300 p. average (at Wolfgang Roeper)
  •   1st Sittard 986 p. (at Gebr. Leideman)
  •   1st Prize 460 km 620 p. (at H. & S. Harms)
  •   2nd Nat. BICC St. Philbert 2,105 p. (at Mark Gilbert, UK)
  •   3rd Prov. Zutphen 11,824 p. (at Foppe VD Meer)
  •   5th Prov. Melun 5,644 p. (at Ruud Bakker)
  •   8th NL Yearling PIPA Ranking 2019 (at Broos Family)

Lastly, the 3rd generation, great grandchildren Arturo x Tila…

  •   1st Olympiad pigeon NL Cat. Young birds (at Broos Family)
  •   1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Speed De Allerbeste 2021-2022 (at Olaf Westhoeve)
  •   1st NPO Chalons En Champagne 3,892 p. (at Gebr. Leideman)

In auction on PIPA a super selection of youngsters from the Arturo x Tila bloodlines will become available. The lots include youngsters from a/o this super pair directly, from direct children, from Crack 19 (father Arturo) and other valuable Leideman breeders.

Geoff & Catherine Cooper (UK)
Wollongong special

The years in which English fanciers were thought to have no chance on international classics are behind us. Great fanciers such as Mark Gilbert and the combination Geoff and Catherine Cooper joined the European top with 1st International victories. Farmer George (1st Int. Bordeaux 2011) and Wollongong (1st Int. Pau 2013) reeled in international victories for Geoff and Catherine Cooper. In the meantime, these cracks have ensured new national and international successes. The class of these phenomenons also becomes evident on the toughest One Loft Races of the world; where conditions are tough and selective, Cooper pigeons belong to the best on this discipline. In this auction, youngsters from the best children of Wollongong, paired to Farmer George or pigeons co-bred with Batenburg-Van de Merwe, paired to legends such as Special One (1st Int. Barcelona) and Invictus (1st Int. Ace Pigeon Extreme LD), will become available.

Chris Hebberecht (BE)
Champion- and Ike-special

As a renowned fancier in Belgian pigeon sport, expectations are high for Chris Hebberecht every year. In 2022, he fully met these expectations with 7x 1st Prize and countless top results on the National level. These successes are all thanks to the Hebberecht stock with a 50 year long tradition of pigeon racing at the highest level, especially on long distance and extreme long distance races. 1st Provincial victories, 1st National victories on St. Vincent and Marseille and National Ace Pigeons KBDB are amongst their greatest achievements. In auction on PIPA, Chris offers a small but super selection of youngsters from the bloodlines of stock pigeon Champion, his brother Costello and the success lines of 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Ike and 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB Pancho. 

Jos Thoné (BE)
Children from the best breeders & racers

Sumo, Avril, Sedna, Crow, Sachi, Sardus, Jutta, Cavendish, Deep Impact …these renowned names helped Jos Thoné confirm his champion status in the past decades. Descendants of these icons still ensure top results in As today. In this new top-class Thoné auction on PIPA, youngsters from special pairs and proven racing and breeding pigeons will become available. The lots include youngsters from a/o 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Figo James … 1st Nat. Bourges winner Tiko … Olympic Hope, ace pigeon with 11x 1st Prize... Candira and parents Candira … mother 2x 1st Nat. winner Suprina … 1st Nat. Zone winner Billy … 2x 1st Nat. Zone winner Gaggan … and from the exclusive pair Remco 1st Nat. Zone Argenton & 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon x Nina, 1st fastest Nat. Bourges 39,072 p.