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New auctions: Brockamp Racing Team, Gino Clicque, Lubomir Kubacek, John Debaene, Wendela Wiersema, Rudi De Saer, G&H Calis, Hardy Krüger, Hugo Batenburg & February auction

Monday 12th of February these new auctions will start: Brockamp Racing Team, Gino Clicque, Lubomir Kubacek, John Debaene, Wendela Wiersema, Rudi De Saer, G&H Calis, Hardy Krüger, Hugo Batenburg & February auction.

Brockamp Racing Team (DE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Hans-Peter Brockamp focuses a significant part of his efforts on One Loft Races, and for that purpose, he has built a fantastic breeding team. From the best of, among others, PIPA Elite Center and pigeons that excelled in OLRs, such as the 1st final Algarve Golden Race Alaunus, 1st final PIPR 2021 Pattaya Diamond, 4th and 5th final Pattaya PIPR OLR winners, 3rd final Sevilla OLR winner and her parents... A special selection of youngsters from this exclusive breeding team is now available on PIPA in auction.

Gino Clicque (BE)
Youngsters from the best racers and breeders

The Clicque loft is one of the biggest names in the pigeon world, perhaps the absolute biggest. In 2022 and 2023, this colony continued its impressive performance, achieving high rankings, including 1st National and International Agen yearlings, and 1st National Libourne. In 2023, numerous top prizes were once again secured at the national and provincial levels, totaling an impressive 33 victories, including 3 times 1st provincial and an outstanding 40 times within the top 100 National. Up for auction on PIPA are offspring from the most special breeders and pairings! These pigeons will be exhibited at Fugare: booth Clicque Racing Pigeons (number 658). Note: These pigeons can leave at PIPA starting 11/03.

Lubomir Kubacek (CZ)
Direct from the best breeders/racers

A well-known star in the international pigeon racing scene is the Czech superstar Lubomir Kubacek. Winner of numerous 1st National victories, an impressive roster of Olympiad pigeons, and podium positions in both National and provincial races... but certainly also excelling in various One Loft races worldwide! Top-class in every sense. On PIPA, Lubomir presents a small group of pigeons, breed out of his best birds like “Bulck Toni”, “Carapaz”, and so on.

John Debaene (BE)
Youngsters from the best breeders

By translating his passion for long-distance racing into actions, John Debaene, at the early stages of his career in 2019, already clinched the 1st International Perpignan and 2nd National Agen titles! This dazzling start has been followed by new top rankings in recent years. The foundation of his pigeon colony includes birds from the legendary Noël Peiren; John is doing his utmost to follow in the footsteps of this superman. In the auction, you'll find five brilliant pigeons, including offspring from the 1st Int. Perpignan 2019, Magic Perpignan, the 2nd Nat. Agen winner, Magic Agen, and the 2023 Perpignan National top 10 winners, Bertus and Marie Henrie. In short; it's the very best that John Debaene possesses.

Wendela Wiersema (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Hot off the press: Wendela Wiersema claims victory in the challenging 1st extra final in Pattaya PIPR OLR over 600 km, surpassing 3,757 pigeons with a lead of 7 minutes. The winner, a collaborative breeding with Tom Van Gaver, is a grandchild of the unsurprising super ace, Runner Up Ace. Winning is characteristic of Wendela's pigeon colony, and in the auction on PIPA, she presents a top selection of exclusively winning genes. Included is an exceptionally exclusive half-sister of the Pattaya extra final winner, as well as descendants from: the 8th National Ace Sylvester, Luna with 2x 1st in large competition, 4th & 5th provincial Ace Jackpot Noortje, the super sister of Runner Up Ace (3x 1st), the father of Runner Up Ace, and so on.

Rudi De Saer (BE)
Children of the best racers and breeders

Rudi De Saer has more than confirmed his star status in 2023. Especially in the national long-distance classics, his colony consistently delivers strong performances everywhere! The foundation of this endless success streak lies in several top pigeons that during their own flying careers managed to etch the name De Saer into the annals of national pigeon racing. Cracks like New Tours, Antonio, Neymar, New Jens, Champion, Black Lola... effortlessly pass on their winning genes to the new generation of champions. Now up for auction are offspring of the current top flyers and, exceptionally rare, a direct daughter of the superman Champion!

G&H Calis (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

With the title of 1st Best Pigeon Fancier in the Netherlands designated both in overall and non-designated NPO categories, coupled with the achievements of two Olympiad pigeons, namely Olympic Marijke and Olympic Surprise, the year 2023 marked the best season ever for the father and son duo Gerard and Harold Calis. This success is a result of years of investing in superb pigeons from sources like Marcel Sangers and Gebr. Leideman, skillfully interwoven with their own Baron lineage, forming an ever-winning foundation! In the PIPA auction, 9 young pigeons from the crème de la crème of Calis will be available: - 1 descendant of Strong Baron (2x 1st in major competitions) x Cinderella (mother of the Best Yearling in NL 2021) - 1 youngster of Kausius Baron x Cinderella, the parents of Young Baron, 1st Nat. Yearling Ace Pigeon 2021 - from Young Baron (1st Nat. Yearling 2021) x New Jet (4x 1st prize from Staron Leideman) - from the pairing of Young Baron (1st Nat. Yearling 2021) x Cinderella (mother of Best Yearling NL 2021) - from Son Romi (father of Olympiad pigeon Marijke) x Iris (a remarkable breeder) - from Staron (Leideman from Crack 19 x Jet) x his best daughter New Jet - from the pairing of Staron (super Leideman breeder) x Bond Girl (7th-8th Nat. Ace Pigeon and mother of Olympiad pigeon) - 2 youngsters from Kausius Baron (father of 1st Nat. Yearling Ace Pigeon 2021) x Olympic Marijke (Olympiad 2024)

Hardy Krüger (DE)
One Loft race special

Hardy Krüger's breeding loft is responsible for producing descendants that not only excel in the loft of the German champion himself but also prove their mettle in one loft races worldwide. Whether it's races in Thailand, America, South Africa, or Portugal, Krüger pigeons frequently feature in the pedigrees of final winners or ace pigeons. In a splendid auction on PIPA, Hardy offers young pigeons from his best One Loft Race breeders. Among them are offspring from the parents and grandparents of the 1st prize FCI Nong Chok race in Thailand, from OLR super pairs Shutterfly x Sky Pearl and Street Birdy 929 x Lucia, and from remarkable pigeons like Coco Chanel, Black King, and more.

Batenburg- v.d. Merwe (NL)
Youngsters from the best breeders

Top quality resonates through every fiber of the Batenburg-Van De Merwe pigeon colony! This is underscored by a young racing team that secured the 7th-8th-28th National Barcelona positions, while descendants of Batenburg pigeons on other lofts claimed the 11th-30th-62nd-66th-72nd-84th-88th National places. A trend of recent years; offspring from the superb breeding team consistently dominate National competitions, as well as International One Loft Races! Now, in an auction on PIPA, there are offspring from new strongholds, and as the cherry on top; a super son of 1st Int. Barcelona winner Jef paired with the extraordinary pigeon Elena from Bungeneers.

February auction

Fortunate for interested bidders, you could call it, that they have a second chance to acquire exceptional pigeons. Sometimes, bidders may not always be able to pay for the pigeons they've purchased... another reason could be issues with export, making it difficult to deliver sold pigeons to the customer within an acceptable timeframe. Hence, this top-class auction, featuring pigeons of various pedigrees, but each one a gem from golden bloodlines - just as you've come to expect from PIPA.