New auctions: Big Andy's One Loft Race & Barcelona Special

Today, Tuesday December 19, 2 new auctions started. These auctions will end on Tuesday (!) January 2.

Big Andy One Loft Race
Winners 2017

Andy Larentzakis has played an important role in the international pigeon racing scene, and in the North American continent in particular. Acting as a middleman, Andy was making sure that pigeons from renowned European lofts would find their way to North America, to win races over there. The descendants of these imported birds have managed to achieve great results in the numerous One Loft Races across America. Meanwhile Andy decided to organise a race of his own: The Big Andy International One Loft Challenge has been running for a few years now in Spring Hill, Florida. This is a race for youngsters of the best breeding and racing birds of some renowned teams. The winners and ace pigeons of this prestigious new one loft race will now be sold on PIPA!

Barcelona Special

The first weekend of July is traditionally the most important weekend for numerous fanciers from across Western Europe. This is the day of the most important race in the international pigeon racing competition. No other race has such a reputation and such great appeal as the classic from Barcelona. A Barcelona winner is without exception a renowned pigeon, and many pigeon families have been created solely around the bloodlines of Barcelona winners. PIPA is now selling youngsters of some of the most iconic Barcelona champions of today, including race winners of Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Jelle Jellema, Mark Gilbert, Geert Deconinck, Rutz, Frans Bungeneers, Freialdenhofen, Chris Hebberecht and Etienne Meirlaen.