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New auction: Victoria Falls (ZIM)

Monday the 19th of September this new auction will start: Victoria Falls (ZIM).

Victoria Falls (ZIM)
Stars of the final and ace pigeons

Victoria Falls has rapidly grown out to become one of the most prestigious international one loft races. In dreamlike surroundings, under tough but fair conditions, the participating pigeons battle for a total of 1.5 million US Dollars of prize money. Top fanciers from around the world send in their best pigeons to this prestigious race, of which the winners and ace pigeons are highly regarded in international pigeon sport. The status of this one loft race is still rising and is more and more seen as the best one loft races in the world. An interesting trend is that the best pigeons of past editions have become the breeders of later Victoria Falls stars. For instance, ‘Victoria Winner’, who won the tough final in 2017. She is grandmother of 2nd Super Ace in both 2021 as 2022. When taking a closer look at the pedigrees in this auction, you will find many top pigeons are bred from stars of past editions. This auction is a unique chance to strengthen your breeding loft, with the goal to perform on one loft races.

Some statistics:
Hot Spot I (192 km) with 5,592 p.
Hot Spot II (237 km) with 5,272 p.
Hot Spot III (318 km) with 4,980 p.
Hot Spot IV (382 km) with 4,116 p.
Hot Spot V (435 km) with 2,721 p.
Final (600 km) with 2,271 p.

The Super Ace competition is a ranking of the best pigeons across the 4 longest races: Hot Spot 3, 4, 5 and the final.
The Grand Average ace competition is across all races, the training flights included.