New auction: Pigeons for charity

Wednesday the 2nd of November the pigeons for charity auction will start.

Pigeons for charity
Pigeons from the best International stars

This auction's proceeds - as the name suggests - will go to charity. PIPA has a rich tradition regarding charity auctions and is looking forward to the donations offered by its most loyal partners. Top lofts such as Mike Ganus, Tom Van Gaver, Carlo Gyselbrecht, Marc De Cock, Bart Geerinckx, Hok Jos Vercammen, Bastongne-Henry, Kaier, Joel Verschoot, Dominique Velghe, Demely Liliane, Dirk Deroose, Vandenheede, Great Wall, Jelle Roziers, Vermeerbergen-Wilms, Henrik Brinkmann, Hardy Krüger, Irmer, G. & C. Cooper, Batenburg-Van De Merwe, Jelle Jellema, Veenstra, Gebr. Leideman, Derksen-VD Keuken, Cor De Heijde, Marcel Sangers, T&J Elzinga and of course PIPA Breeding and Elite Center all offer pigeons from their best. A super quality auction during which PIPA, photographer PigeonPhotography and DNA companies PiGen and Gendika work together free of charge. 

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