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PIPA started the auction season yesterday with a huge succes! And the second auction of the season has at least the same amount of quality as the first one! Some very special collections are presented in this auction!

In this new auction in total 92 pigeons for sale, among others:

- The total Marcel Aelbrecht collection of the Portuguese multiple National Champions Paulo & Rui Rodriguez!
In total there are offered 36 birds here, all direct children to the best breeders and racers of Marcel Aelbrecht (on the bottom you find the advertisement of this auction in Dutch)

- A selection of 12 young birds offered by Hans Eijerkamp & Sons. In the summer of 2008 Eijerkamp Family and PIPA made an agreement to form some very speciale pairings. Out of those pairings 4 youngsters were bred and only the best 1 or 2 were selected for this Exclusive Auction! The young birds from these pairings are only available through PIPA

- The best 10 racing and/or breeding birds of combination Pellitteri Father & Son. Due to private reasons they decided to significantly reduce their numbers of pigeons. PIPA accepted this auction if they could choose the 10 best racers & breeders to be auctioned only. The result is an extremely impressive auction with a.o. an International winner, a 1st Provincial Acepigeon KBDB and also his father and some pigeons who won several topprizes on the long and extreme long distance!

- Also in this 'September Auction' we offer a combination of young birds and performance birds from some very strong lofts in Belgium, The Netherlands & Germany. Among others Nico-Jan Koenders, M&L Baertsoen, Irmer & Son, Casaert M&G, Daniel Poussart, Geert Munnik & Piet de Vogel!