New auction: Kuwait OLR (KU)

Monday the 8th of May this new auction will start: Kuwait OLR (KU).

Kuwait OLR (KU)
Final stars and Ace Pigeons

Fanciers across the globe have discovered the world of One Loft Racing! Where European top fanciers previously entered known races such as the Million Dollar race, Derby Arona and Golden Algarve, they know also partake in OLR in other continents. Amongst the newest One Loft Races is the Kuwait International One Loft Race, which had its second edition in 2022/2023. More than 7,000 pigeons - sent locally and from other continents - started the carefully thought-out trainings program. The training flights started late November and the first official Hot Spot race took place 4th Februari across 130km. Kuwait is a guarantee for selective conditions, and when the Hot Spot races across 172km - 172km  - 294km had taken place, 981 pigeons were basketed for the Final across 500km which was released on 4th March. It were predominantly pigeons from the region which took the top prizes in the tough final, with 4 pigeons arriving in the first drop although other arrivals were very spread out. A real tough race. The stars from the final and ace pigeons will be available in this auction on PIPA.