New auction: Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE)

Monday the 6th of September the auction of Jos & Lars Vercammen will start.

Jos & Lars Vercammen (BE)
Children from the best breeders

A thrilling end to the auction season is coming up. PIPA is organizing several speed auctions... with a shorter duration but with the absolute best Belgian pigeon sport has to offer. Father and son Vercammen achieve top results aplenty and traditionally hit it big on the national races. In this special auction these men offer top quality, with sensational lots such as a son to Samsung (1st Fastest Souppes 9,294 p.), a half sister to Stella (1st Prov. Brive & 2nd Prov. Jarnac), brother to Ice Tea (1st Prov. Ace pigeon Union Antwerpen & 2nd Nat. Issoudun), daughter to Power Barco (2nd Nat. Chateauroux), 2 half sisters to Taxi (1st Prov. Limoges) and double grandchildren to Elektro, a daughter to the 1e Prov., 5th Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB Elektro Junior and a son to Olympic La Donna, Olympiad pigeon Allround for Belgium.