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New auction: Jewels of the Sky Hyper Exclusive

Monday the 21st of February this new auction will start: Jewels of the sky Hyper Exclusive.

Jewels of the sky Hyper Exclusive

A cherished tradition since the start of pigeon auctions on PIPA is Jewels Of The Sky. During these auctions, international super lofts offer an exclusive selection of pigeons and the best of modern pigeon sport is brought together. In this Jewels Hyper Exclusive, PIPA asked the cream of the crop to offer only one or a few pigeons in auction, their most exclusive gems. The lots include jewels from a.o. Batenburg-Van De Merwe, G. & C. Cooper, Ganus Family Loft, Etienne Meirlaen, Mark Gilbert, PIPA Elite Center, Hok Jos Vercammen, F. & J. Vandenheede, T. & J. Elzinga, Jelle Roziers, Hardy Krüger, Stefaan Lambrechts, Jan Hooymans, Jelle Jellema, Tom Van Gaver, Dehon-Demonseau, Rien & Irving Van Oss, Gebr. Leideman & PIPA Breeding.