New auction: Hugo Batenburg (NL)

Tuesday the 28th of April, this new auction will start: Batenburg-Van de Merwe (NL).

Batenburg- Van De Merwe (NL)
Youngsters of their best breeders

The highly praised pigeon family of Batenburg-Van De Merwe lived up to their reputation again in 2019. Hugo and Anita claimed a prestigious 1st National Narbonne, adding another great result to an already impressive palmares. And many other fanciers have excelled in national races thanks to their Batenburg-Van De Merwe descendants as well. On top of that, the winner of a prestigious ace pigeon title in the Taiwan Summer North Sea Race Ace Pigeon Champion was bred from a direct Batenburg pigeon as well. The stock breeder of this team is obviously 1st Int. Barcelona winner New Laureaat, whose descendants claimed numerous national top tens, including an impressive five national victories. It goes without saying that this iconic breeder will be front and center in this auction. But Hugo is also selling youngsters and descendants of Special One (1st Int. Barcelona 2015), as well as the first youngsters of Jef (1st Int. Barcelona 2019). And we have youngsters of the other national and international stars in the Batenburg breeding lofts on offer as well.