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New auction: Derby Arona (ES)

Tuesday the 9th of May this new auction will start: Derby Arona (ES).

Derby Arona (ES)
Final winners and Ace Pigeons

Derby Arona on Tenerife is possibly the toughest One Loft Race in Western Europe. The road to the final is incredibly demanding. The pigeons have to deal with high temperatures and cross the ocean, which selects the toughest, ultra athletes amongst the participants. From December onwards, the training flights start; beginning from 3km to 20km. In January, there are 4 qualification races from 25 to 50km and several extra training flights in February follow. Late February, the first sea races are flown. Between 28th February and 13th March there are car races from 70km- 100km - 125km. The final from Fuerteventura was held 25th March 2023 across 250km, with 185 pigeons at the start. During this edition, the pigeons came quickly, with 40 pigeons arriving within minutes. The winners and ace pigeons will be available in this auction.