New arrivals in our webshop

In several of our reports you could see fanciers wearing a loft coat or a cap with the PIPA logo. Soon readers started asking us where they could buy these items. You can find all these items with the PIPA logo in our web shop, except for the PIPA shirt.

You have a pigeon fancier in your family and you are looking to buy him or her a nice birthday present? Are you looking for a new year’s gift? Why don’t you take a look in our web shop? We give you here an overview of the products on offer:

  • PIPA loft coat (new): does it bother you that your clothes are covered in down feathers or dust when working in your loft? This can be easily avoided with the new PIPA loft coat. The coat has two side pockets and one breast pocket and is available in different sizes.
  • PIPA blocnote (new): Writing down the ring numbers and time of arrival of one your pigeons? Writing down the time and place of an appointment? Taking notes during an important phone call? That is when our practical PIPA blocnote comes in handy.
  • PIPA USB flash drive (new): you do not always have to carry along your laptop, your files or other documents to store important information. From now on you can use our PIPA USB flash drive to store pictures, pedigrees, results and other vital data.
  • PIPA cap (new): does dust and bloom in your hair bother you? The PIPA cap is the perfect remedy! You can use it when working in the loft or to protect you from the sun whilst you are waiting outside for your pigeons to arrive.
  • PIPA-mug (new): having a coffee with family or friends whilst waiting for your pigeons to arrive? Are you discussing the latest results over a cup of coffee? It will never taste as good as with our special PIPA coffee mug. Enjoy!
  • PIPA dvd: we think most people that take an interest in pigeon racing will have paid a visit to our website at one time or another. If you are also interested in how PIPA has started and developed, what PIPA stands for and what experiences fanciers have with our company, it is definitely worth watching our PIPA DVD (subtitled in 5 different languages!)
  • Kingmaker: the complete testimonial (published and co-authored by PIPA) of the most successful pigeon breed since the turn of the century, a breed that has above all influenced and sometimes even dominated the international sport of pigeon racing. The history, from the start and the buildup of this breed, over its most important successes to the methods that have led to these successes have all been described in detail in this wonderfully illustrated book.

Note: Our shop is closed. If you like to order some of these products, please contact our sales department.

All of the above articles are available in our webshop, except for the PIPA shirt.