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The National Flying Club race for young birds from Carentan on 7th September 2013 - a report on the winners and section winners

The National Flying club race from Carentan for young birds was liberated at 08.00hr BST into south west winds. The following is a report on the winners and section winners according to the provisional result based on early times.

David Coward-Talbot with Lucia (photo courtesy of Chris Sutton)

David Coward-Talbot from Chelmsford took first section E and first open on 1991ypm. David's winner is named Lucia, after his grandaughter who was celebrating her third birthday on the day of the race. Lucia was trained up to sixty miles before being sent to four inland races up to 125 miles with the Tilbury South Road Club and then into the national from Carentan. Sent flying to a perch, Lucia was bred from two pigeons bought from the Jutla Brothers, with the sire being Messi and the dam being a daughter of Euro Diamond, both full of the best Brockamp bloodlines. The sire of Messi is a direct son of Armstrong, first international Perpignan, 17,584 pigeons.

Mr and Mrs Streatield

Second section E and second open went to Mr and Mrs E Streatfield from Snodland in Kent on 1984ypm. The couple clocked a blue chequer cock bred from three quarters Jan and Tom de Raaf and a quarter Wanroy and which was sent sitting fourteen day old eggs. Raced on the darkness, it has now been named Near Miss and had four inland races up to 94 miles before being sent to Carentan.

Alex MacKenzie

Third in section E and third open was timed by Alex MacKenzie from Chelmsford, Essex on 1959ypm. Alex timed a chequer pied hen, raced on the sliding door method and which had three club races prior to being sent across the water. It was bred from a Van Loon Alex obtained from Brian Denham on the sire's side crossed with a Babington Van Den Bosch on the dam's. Mr P Donovan from Croydon took fourth section E and fourth open on 1940ypm with a young hen bred for him by his good friend Andy Bury from Canterbury. A Marc De Cock and Eric Limburg cross, the sire is out of a Beziers international winner and the dam is a daughter of Armstrong.

Fifth section E and fifth open was clocked by D Bullen and Son from Croydon on 1916ypm. The partners clocked a chequer cock bred from their first international Pau winner paired to a direct Batenburg hen and on its first ever race having only been trained prior to Carentan. C, G and P Breen from Grays were sixth section E and sixth open on 1892ypm.

Gosling and Jarvis

Seventh section E and seventh open went to Gosling and Jarvis from Mount Nessing on 1886ypm. The partners clocked a chequer hen bred on the darkness system and flown on the sliding door after being separated all week before being run together prior to basketing. Bred from national winning blood, the sire of this pigeon is Kato, a son of Event and the dam is Cinders a daughter of Golden Eye, both bred by Jim Biss.

Rob Wilton and Son

Eighth section E and eighth open was timed by D Wilton and Son from Grays on 1879ypm. The main partners in this loft are son Rob and his son and they timed a white grizzle hen on her second channel race, having already flown Guernsey with the BICC. Raced on the darkness, its sire was bred by Darren McFadden, being a son of Snow Queen and the dam is a Van Geeland, a top breeder.

J and J Brady

Ninth section E and ninth open went to J & J Brady of South Benfleet on 1871ypm. The sire of the partner's winner is the same way bred as their 2008 national winner and the dam is a daughter of another national winner, both of which were purchased direct from their good friend Jos Thoné. Flown on the darkness it was sent paired to a young cock for motivation.

Completing the top ten open and section E is George Bishop from Hockley on 1846ypm. George timed a blue cock with Van Den Bosche bloodlines that he purchased from a Terry Lodge sale back in the late 1990s crossed with a Van De Paol grizzle cock. Having sent sixteen to Carentan, George had fifteen back on the day.

Around the sections

First section A and twenty first open was timed by David Wells of Bordon. David puts his youngsters on the darkness system to ensure they retain their feathers and his winning hen is a grandaughter of Jackie's Boy, a Central Southern Classic Flying Club Blue Thunder trophy winner. Sent paired and being driven to nest this was this hen's first race of the season.

Peter Howard and Sue Gore

Howard and Gore from Seaford were second section A and twenty fifth open. The partners timed Tye Lad, bred from a Kellen cock crossed with a Delbar hen, both of which they were gifted by Jim Allen of Bristol. Peter and Sue were caught unawares when their first bird came and had to turn on the ETS to clock him after he trapped. Third section A and thirtieth open went to Tom Powers of Whitehill.

Garry Moody

Mr and Mrs Garry Moody from Portsmouth were first section B and seventieth open. The couple timed a Van Reet x Jan Aarden hen the sire of which was bought from the Natural Breeding Station. The dam was bred by M Duffell and raced well as a youngster.

Second section B and seventy first open was timed by D & T Hughes of Portsmouth. Father and son timed a chequer cock that was first club, thirty third federation the previous week from Kingsdown. Third section B and seventy second open went to Wearn Brothers and Neilson from Ramsdean.

Michael Ward

Winning section C and two hundred and twenty eighth open was Michael Ward of Blandford Forum. Michael's winner is named Bohannon and is a dark chequer Vandenabeele cock bred from birds he obtained from John Halstead when he started racing in 2008. Second section C and two hundred and forty first open was C Riley from Blandford Forum. John Halstead of Gillingham was third section C and two hundred and eighty second open.

P Clarke

First section D and three hundred and seventh open was won by P & D Clarke of Taunton. The partners timed a youngster whose dam was bred by Dave and Vince Padfield, being a direct daughter of their Pau national winner, Jack. The sire was bred by Steve Wright of the House of Aarden.

Daniel Hocking

Second section D and three hundred and eleventh open went to Daniel Hocking from Bridgwater. This is Daniel's first year racing pigeons so an impressive performance by him. His winning pigeon is a cock bred out of a Hansenne hen on loan to him from Dave Woodland when paired to another of Dave's hens. Third section D and three hundred and twentieth open was timed by Mr and Mrs Hodge from Cullompton.

Lloyd and Kelly from Abingdon were first section F and seventy eighth open. Eamonn clocked a Van Lint hen, one of a batch he had from Dean Pallett. This hen is a great-grandaughter of both Attilla and Christina. Second and third section F, one hundred and sixteenth and one hundred and nineteenth open went to Leon Hall of Oxford. Leon's pigeons contains Eric Ceulemans bloodlines and are bred down from Norman Sibleys fed cock.

Stan Dangerfield with first section G

Stan Dangerfield and Scott Gearon from Stonehouse took first section G and one hundred and ninty nineth open. Stan clocked a second bird to be fourth section as well. His first pigeon on the clock was a dark chequer hen bred out of Little George, a George Hilson cock, when paired to a hen bred from a Desmet Matthys bird crossed with a Van Loon grizzle that Stan obtained from Stuart Luff of Dursley. His second pigeon was one hundred percent George Hilson whose sire unfortunately hit the wires and broke his neck earlier this year. Both pigeons were National Flying Club gold rings.

Andy Heal and daughter

Andy Heal of Bath took second section G and two hundred and fifteenth open. Andy calls his family of pigeons the Cam Valley Thoroughbreds and they have a mixture of bloodlines including Van Reets from Tony Mardon and Dean Pallett lines. Ove the years, Andy had crossed Janssen based lines into the mix. Third section G and two hundred and thirtieth open went to Brooks Brothers from Bristol.

Her Majesty the Queen took first section H and fourteenth open. Her loft manager, Peter Farrow, timed a Fabry x Janssen cock.

John Black

Second section H and thirty second open went to John Black of Hitchin. John clocked a blue pied hen, the sire of which was bred by Sheldon Leonard of Wicklow and the dam was a Van Lint bred by Bob Lotts of Peterborough. John Searle of Cambridge took third section H and forty fifth open.

Roy Stretton and Brian Gittins

Mr and Mrs Roy Stretton and Daughter of Rugeley took first section I and one hundred and twenty fifth open. Ray is assisted with the pigeons by his friend Brian Gittins and the pair clocked a blue white flight hen sent sitting ten day old eggs.

Steve and Sue Redfern

Second section I and one hundred and fifty eighth open went to S Redfern and Family from Derby. Steve and Sue clocked an April bred youngster out of the odd couple, the sire being Geoff Kirland bloodlines and the dam is out of two Jos Thoné national winners and was bred by Martin Blyth. Third section I and one hundred and sixtieth open went to T J Durrows from Birmingham.

J McLatchie and son

J McLatchie and Son from Stoke on Trent were first section J and one hundred and fifteenth open. Jim and Rob timed a blue hen sent flying to a perch. The breeding on the dam's side is Leo Van Rijn via Adrian Duggins and the sire came from Tommy Birchall of Harriseahead.

Second section J and one hundred and fortieth open went to Brian Lawrence of Stourport on Severn. Brian's first bird home contained Vandersanden bloodlines. Mick Jones of Telford timed third section J and one hundred and forty fifth open.

Hall and Hibbert of Dinnington clocked first section K and thirty fourth open. Their pigeon is a Louella Busschaert / Krauth cross bred from birds they were gifted by Ronald Taylor when he retired from the sport.

Nicholas Adshead

Second section K and thirty fifth open went to Nicholas Adshead from Selby. Nick timed a white flight cock that is a half brother to Billy Whiz and Billy Boy, both section winners themselves. Third section K and thirty ninth open went to Colin Dixon of Mansfield.

R & B Smith of Warrington clocked first section L and eighty ninth open. The brothers timed a young hen bred from their own family of birds and it was flown on the darkness system.

A and S Hughes

A & S Hughes of Rochdale were second section L and ninty second open. Father and son clocked a André Cerbesselt x Jos Thoné pigeon. Third section L and ninety third open went to F & M Hough from Macclesfield.

That concludes the report on the provisional result of the National Flying Club race for young birds from Carentan.