Mr Oldřich Svoboda (Polabí, CZ) wins first national ace bird youngsters in 2013

There are around 4,500 fanciers in the Czech Republic and the young bird championship is determined by the same rules that apply to the FCI Olympiad category F: three pigeons must be submitted from each fancier along with their best results in three races each. The performances are converted to co-efficients and the winning team is thereby calculated.

Czech Republic Young Bird Champions for the 2013 season (Oldřich Svoboda second from left)

In 2013 Mr Oldřich Svoboda from Polabí was the victorious fancier in this national young bird championship. Not only that but he was also fourth, seventh and tenth in the same category! Oldřich has kept pigeons for forty years and is now forty-seven years old. Most racing in the Czech Republic is on the south west route with the longer races from Belgium, the Netherlands and also the United Kingdom. Olřich breeds forty pigeons each year for young bird racing and the results of his three winning young pigeons in 2013 are as follows:

CZ13-0116-401   co-ef   1.009
CZ13-0116-401   co-ef   1.028
CZ13-0116-401   co-ef   1.912
Total                   3.35

CZ13-0116-424   co-ef   2.625 
CZ13-0116-424   co-ef   3.027
CZ13-0116-424   co-ef   4.111
Total                   9.76

CZ13-0116-405   co-ef   2.018
CZ13-0116-405   co-ef   3.937
CZ13-0116-405   co-ef   5.139
Total                  11.09

In contrast to more western European countries, winter breeding is not common in the Czech Republic. Oldřich paired his birds on the 20th February 2013 and bred forty young birds for racing. Training started at the end of June and racing in earnest commenced at the start of August. He is assisted in the sport by his sons and the rest of his family who all take an active interest in the pigeons and their results. Young birds are motivated by the sliding door system and are let out to fly twice daily for an hour or more. They are fed on Versele Laga mixtures. Strains kept are Janssens and Dirk Van Dyck with particular attention to the lines of De Kannibaal and De Rambo.

Summing up Oldřich Svoboda's results in young bird racing for 2013 we have the impressive performances below:

25.08.13   Karlovy Vary     129km   991b   1-2-3-4-5-6   (6/8)
01.09.13   Karlovy Vary     129km   982b   43-47-50-53-58-60-62-65-78-79-81-82-85-89   (14/34)
08.09.13   Cheb             178km   973b   1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-12-18-29   (15/28)
15.09.13   Cheb             178km   762b   1-2-3-4-5-6-8-9-12-18-29   (11/27)
22.09.13   Bayreuth         226km   422b   8-12-13-14-16-17   (6/16)

With old birds he recorded the following performances:

05.05.13 Cheb          178km   1,698b  18-31-46-66-111-115-121-130-151-162-186-219-
                                       232 (16/30)
12.05.13 Cheb          178km   1,890b  1-2-3-15-18-46-96-266-278-290-298-323-365  (14/34)
19.05.13 Bayreuth      226km   1,554b  1-5-86-88-103-132-137-173-225-230-232-245-230-
                                       232-245-266-268-279-283 (16/46)
02.06.13 Cheb          178km     824b  10-32-93-108-119-150  (6/13)
23.06.13 Aschaffenburg 406km  11,261b  97-110-166-248-448-698-1001-1049 (8/20)
30.06.13 Wertheim      379km     682b  2-27-29-92-115 (5/24)

Congratulations from PIPA on your results, Mr. Svoboda. The best of luck for 2014.

Oldřich Svoboda in front of his loft