Most-read articles of 2015: the lost son, the very first online auction and saying goodbye to a legend (part 1)

It is for the sixth consecutive year that we publish an overview of our website’s most read articles (including translations) over the course of the year. Today we bring you numbers 10 through 6; the top 5 will be published tomorrow.

Note: this top ten does only include the most read news articles and reports on PIPA. Race, auction, club or ranking pages have not been taken into account.

10. 'Flying Home' in real life: Zoon Kaasboer quietly returns to Gaston Van de Wouwer's loft four years after having been sold

Den 146 was probably thinking “there’s no place like home”, as he walked into Gaston Van de Wouwer’s loft in early February, after having spent more than four years in a different loft. Gaston picked up the cock and he started thinking. The records showed that it was in fact a son of his world famous top class breeder Kaasboer that had been sold four years ago, but he did not find the name of the fancier. He did not manage to trace the rightful owner and Den 146 is now enjoying his retirement in Berlaar.

9. Erik Limbourg auction catalogues sells out rapidly

Five years after his first total auction Erik Limbourg decided to make another fresh start: all old cocks and racing birds were sold in May. Erik had won several first prizes, top results and ace pigeon titles over the past five years, which explains why the auction attracted so many fanciers. One of the most anticipated auctions of the season was summarised in an auction catalogue, which sold out very rapidly. The auction really met the expectations as well, selling 146 pigeons for an impressive 5,706 euro on average. The overall revenue amounted to 833.076 euro!

8. A world's first in pigeon racing: Gaby Vandenabeele sells pigeons online

It is a matter of supply and demand, a concept that the retired accountant Gaby Vandenabeele will be all too familiar with. His last public auction dates back from 30 years ago, and remarkably enough this year’s auction was his first online sale ever. And yet, his pigeon breed is widely considered to be one of the most successful ever. Over the past thirty years not a single pigeon from Dentergem was sold in a public auction; Gaby would only sell pigeons at home. The article about his very first online auction was read thousands of times, and this also had an impact on the outcome of the auction: an impressive 150,000 euro was paid for no more than ten unflown young birds. It resulted in an average sale price of 15,030 euro per young bird, the highest price in a young birds’ auction worldwide!

7. Long distance champion Etienne Devos passed away

The 25th of February 2015 will go down in history as the day when the pigeon fanciers' community bid a final farewell to to one of Belgium's greatest champions. Etienne Devos has won several national championship titles in his career, including three times 1st General National Champion, and has won several ace pigeon titles and national races. We are all familiar with his impressive list of achievements. Etienne passed away after a lingering illness but his legacy will live on for decades.

6. The KBDB's first General Meeting of 2015 leads to many heated comments

The KBDB had its first General Meeting of 2015 on Wedsnesday the 25th of February. The main topics were regionalisation, the issue of doping and the establishing of new zones, and so it promised to be an exciting afternoon. These topics led to heavy discussions in our comment section as well: almost 150 comments were posted below the article about the general meeting, although we assume this has a lot to do with the KBDB's abolishing the 3% rule and changing the prices for the rings.