Molenberghs Jean, "1st Ace Pigeon Short middle distance KBDB (2006)"


Molenberghs Jean, Heusden Zolder

Jean Molenberghs, the fresh owner of the first ace pigeon short middle distance KBDB, is a retired miner who is racing pigeons in tandem with his wife. He has been a pigeon fancier for 30 years.
He is practising classic widowhood with about 22 cocks. Jean has 20 breeding couples and raises only approximately 50 youngsters every year. There is no inbreeding. So a small fancier as well can have the best middle distance pigeon in his loft which was once more the case in 2006.
Feed: Jean is applying the simplest way: the pigeons receive a filled feed box.
To enhance motivation he gives them some peanuts and candy seed.
Jean’s prize percentage is impressive: 80% during the past season which was indeed a difficult one with a hot month of July and August, which was very wet.

Top performance:
National KBDB ace pigeon 1/2 distance old pigeons
1st Ace pigeon provincial Limburg Middle distance.
He obtains about 15 first prizes every year.

Breeds: Gommaire Verbruggen, Clerinx Bros., Custers Alfons, Landuyt E; Vanroy Wemmel, Flor Engels, Swerts and Lemmens J.
He prefers blue pigeons with soft feathers and good muscles.

"Golden Ace" Ace Short Middle Distance KBDB 2006