Miyashita Hiroshi & Taxeshi, Sirault (BE) - 1st National Tarbes 2009

It is in Tarbes that the Long Distance fanciers had a rendezvous this second weekend in July. This race was organised by the Belgische Verstandhouding and has replaced Dax since 2007.

12.805 pigeons, wherefrom 4.864 Belgians, were basketted, which is an increase of 268 pigeons in relation to last year. The organisers decided to liberate at 6h45 under clear skies.

The first report came from the Frenchman Rogé Richard at 16h48 for 757km. In Belgium it was Hiroshi Miyashita & Son Taxeshi who reported their first pigeon at 17h56 for 857km.
The suspense was short-lived. It was soon clear that the international victory was for the German duo Herbots-Heller from Zweibruck, who were not satisfied with just first place, but who claimed the first two places. The analysis of the result is clear-cut; the wind had a major influence on the result, even by races of more than 850 km. It is also so that no less than 9 pigeons from 4 different fanciers living in the same borough (Zweibruck to be precise) were at the top of the results.

An unexpected victory
The verdict fell Saturday evening: after flying for twelve hours the national victory was firstly awarded to Derweduwen from Zingem who reported at 18h25 for 895 km. With this he just beat Hiroshi Miyashita from Sirault (St Ghislain).
What happened?? Mr Miyashita reported his first pigeon a minute too late. This was only discovered when his clock was opened (doesn’t race electronically) The pigeon was in fact clocked at 17h55'12 but reported as 17h56, which won him 48
seconds ... and also the national victory!!
After a sleepless night there was a feeling of contentment but also..... that he had had a lucky escape. An inconceivable change of situation: he is the only one to have ever given his sympathetic club in Thulin its first national victory.

The build up
Born in Tokyo, the major hobby is still the pigeon sport. He raced in his birth country for years. Since 1970 he regularly visited the great champions in our country. The race from Barcelona especially stood on his wish list as the race "Outside category" and his dream was to one day take part.
When he was 50 he moved to Belgium to occupy himself exclusively with the pigeon sport. It was in 1998 that he established himself at his current address in Serault, about 15 km from Mons
The begin was good, but irregular. The European system was different to what he was used to in Japan. During the last 5 years there has been a clear improvement and he can count himself as one of the better fanciers in the south of the country. The national victory came 10 years after his debut in Belgium where he had set himself the goal of attaining a first before 2012...

A team...
By Miyashita, it is the entire family who is busy with the pigeons full-time every day. Hiroshi, his son Taxeshi, but also his wife are pigeon fanciers by trade. It is no easy task, taking care of 70 breeding couples. 400 youngsters and a hundred widowers every day. Everything is selected according to the results but also the freshness with which they returned home. They prefer a well-muscled pigeon with a supple wing and an expressive head.

The game
The original goal was a national victory. For this Hiroshi bought the best of the best for his breeding loft. He bought parents and in-laws of national winners. We find here the best from  Limbourg, Hebberecht, Carteus, Van Coppenolle, Deneufbourg, Pros Roosen, Houben, Nouwen-Paesen, Kuypers, Theelen .....just to name a few.
They race widowhood and only the cocks participate in the races. Included in the plans is putting together a team of hens to race from Barcelona within two years.
The season ended after Perpignan and then the couples were allowed to breed a youngster 4 times, and the youngster was always removed at the old age of 18 days.
Hiroshi only resides in Japan for 2 months each year, when he returns the pigeons are separated, this is at the beginning of January.  They are coupled again at the beginning of March and are allowed to brood for 8 days. Then widowhood begins and a visit to the veterinary surgeon is planned to check that everything is in order... 

The winner

The 9078611/06, christened "Beauty Tarbes" is a blue cock, average build, but with an expressive head.
Prior to Tarbes he raced St Quentin, 2 x Noyon, Ecouen, an overnight from Bourges, Orléans, Montauban where he won the 11th locally but came home exhausted. He was given 3 week’s rest after which he was in top condition ...bingo !
He has illustrious parents :
Father : (9017008/04) is an own son out "Le Bon bleu" who won 2nd international Marseille in 2003 by  A. Albero from Thuin coupled with a hen Carteus X Van den bosch.
Mother : (5139996/04) is an own daughter of "Beauty Marseille" from Nouwen-Paesen who in 2001 at the ripe old age of 6 won the 1ste international Marseille against 19.622 pigeons !! He himself is a son of the basis breeder "De Narbonne"  from 87 by Nouwen-Paesen.
The grandmother is a daughter of the same "Narbonne". It is then a coupling of blood relations with this super breeder. That’s all there is about the first national victory for Hiroshi Miyashita. It is now a case of waiting for the first international victory. All the resources are present to make this come true.


We will definitely hear more!!!

Belangrijkste uitslagen
Argenton - 5/11733
Brive - 4/22026
Narbonne - 63/5886
Montélimar - 53/8538
Cahors - 11/7340
Béziers - 32/6602
Limoges - 93/12266
Dax - 48/4534
Perpignan - 51/4666
Cahors - 86/6654
Albi - 49/5063
Barcelone - 26/11802
Brive - 96/16007
Cahors - 16 & 28/5894
Montauban - 12/6187
Orange - 64/6035
Bordeaux - 99/7256
Montélimar - 94/7873
Perpignan - 6/5547 & 13/15158
Bourges - 36/19084
Pau - 88/1828
Tarbes - 85/4660
Perpignan - 32/7603
Cahors - 87/7347
Orange - 37/5242
Limoges - 24/16896
Tarbes - 1/4864 & 4/12805