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The Milos dynasty of Comb. Verweij- de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) keeps on producing ace pigeons, now with the 1st International Ace hen in '22

Jessie Rose became Best European Hen in all international races this year. With this she brings the total, since their start in the int. ZLU races in 2015, up to 10 national and 4 international ace pigeons. The phenomenon Milos is often at the base of this unique series.
Peter de Haan (l) and Michel Verweij (r)

Much has been written about the breeding phenomenon Milos already. Milos was the absolute stock cock of Peter and Michel. Up until a very old age, which may be called exceptional, he still occasionally fertilised an egg. He passed away in 2022 and Peter and Michel still miss him every day. At the same time, he lives on, in a whole series of toppers with which a strong stock of pigeons has been put together, that can compete with the top in the international marathon races annually.

The past year also had many highlights. Several International and National Ace Pigeon titles were won, wonderful series were played and there were great championships such as:

1st European Ace hen international races 2022 (PIPA Ranking) (Jessie Rose)
1st National Ace Pigeon ZLU 2022 (Jessie Rose)
5th National Ace Pigeon ZLU 2022 (Jacob)
3rd West European Super Marathon
2nd Western European Super Marathon (8 designated)

Below we present a number of ace pigeons, but also breeders, who all left their mark on the performances of the past season

All Ace Pigeons from 2015

As previously written, Michel and Peter own a unique number of ace pigeons, namely 10 national and 4 international ace pigeons. The 4 generations of international ace pigeons are:

Miss Milos, daughter Milos : 2nd European Ace hen international races 2017
Red Rose, granddaughter Milos : 3rd European Ace hen international races 2016
Sky, great-granddaughter Milos : 2nd European Ace hen international races 2019
Jessie Rose, granddaughter Red Rose : 1st European Ace hen international races 2022

NL15-1552827 Miss Milos, 2nd European Ace hen international races 2017

After a brilliant racing career, Miss Milos (daughter Milos) also proved to have exceptional qualities as a breeding hen. She became the dam of, among others, Milos Rosie, Milo, Lady Milos I, Lady Milos II, but also became grandmother of the 1st International Barcelona '22 (see later in this report).

Milos Rosie : 8th Nat. Agen '22
Milo : 9th Nat. Agen '19
Lady Milos I : 30th Nat. Agen '20
Lady Milos II: 26th Nat. Narbonne '20

NL20-1364993 Jessie Rose, 1st European Ace hen international races 2022 (PIPA Ranking)

Jessie Rose was the absolute flag bearer in the lofts in Mijdrecht. In the 3 National Classics St. Vincent, Perpignan and Pau, she won as many top prizes. Jessie Rose is a daughter of the new top breeder Red Ross x Jessie. Her impressive honours list of the past year can be seen below:

21st Int. Perpignan '22 1077 km 3,509 pigeons
19th Int. St.Vincent '22 1063 km 2,318 pigeons
61st Int. Pau '22 907 km 4,236 pigeons
1st European Ace hen int. flights '22
1st National Ace Pigeon Int. flights '22
1st Ace Pigeon F2000 '22
1st Ace Pigeon SNZH '22

NL19-1531791 Jacob, 5th National Ace Pigeon The Netherlands 2022 (PIPA Ranking)

Jacob also managed to put himself in the spotlight last year. Jacob is a grandson of Robben (1st Int. Ace Pigeon Pau 2017-2018) and has won, with 7 moves, as many prizes in the past 3 years:

13th Nat. St Vincent '22
79th Nat. Perpignan '22
699th Nat. Pau '22
105th Nat. Marseilles '21
307th Nat. Perpignan '21
536th Nat. Agen '20
251st Int. Narbonne '20

NL16-1886226 Red Ross

Video Red Ross

An important link in the performances of the past year is certainly top breeder Red Ross. Red Ross, son of Red Rose (3rd European Ace Hen international races 2016), is taking over from his (grand)parents in breeding new toppers. He is the sire of Jessie Rose (1st European Ace Hen international races 2022), described above, but also of Barbara (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Perpignan 2021-2021) and Milos Rosie (8th Nat. Agen '22).

Video Red Rose, moeder van red Ross

NL15-1552762 Red Messi, Grandfather 1st International Barcelona '22 

International Barcelona was won by Team Delhove-Paesmans (Belgium) this year. The father of this international winner is a 100% Verweij de Haan pigeon, and is a son of Red Messi x Miss Milos. Red Messi himself was 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2019-2021.

Video Red Messi

Video Miss Milos


In addition to the wonderful reference above from Barcelona '22, there were also many great long distance racers in 2022 who achieved success with the Verweijde Haan stock. A good example of this is the 1st National (3rd International) Marseille with Jeroen van Heumen, from a grandchild of Milos.

Michel and Peter are lucky to have such a rich and strong stock of pigeons. The fact that they have managed to breed many ace pigeons in a relatively short time is special. It seems to go on and on like it will never end, but nothing is certain. They also can’t see in advance which pigeon will be their new topper. Up until now, however, one has been added every year. We’re curious for the next one.