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Mike Ganus welcomes Mix, winner of the 2018 SAMDPR, as the newest member of his impressive SAMDPR collection

On Saturday 17th of February, the winner of the South African Million Dollar Race 'Mix' was sold to Mike Ganus for about 95,000 USD. It was the most expensive SAMDPR bird ever to be sold. Last week Mike could finally welcome 'Mix', yet another world-renowned ace to strengthen his impressive African collection.

Mix, winner of the 2018 Million Dollar Race with an 18-minute (!) lead over the 2nd bird in this year's final

Mike Ganus has made it a tradition to buy the winner of the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. Mix will therefore join his successful predecessors Laura Is a Big Winner Today (2016 final race winner, won by Mike himself), Sanjay 1 (2015), Halover (2014) and Untamed Desert (2013). And Mike? He continues to pursue the same path that has already brought him one success after the other. Check out Mix' descent here.

Mike examining Mix upon his arrival

Frank McLaughlin was the man in charge of the transport, and thanks to him the bird arrived safely at Mike's lofts in Granger, USA. Something that he'll be doing more in the near future as new PIPA supply agent for North America: "The United States do not only have very competitive racing areas but we're also the mecca for one loft racing. The quality of American pigeons certainly makes a big impact around the globe and PIPA is the perfect platform to showcase these superstars. I will therefore assist PIPA in introducing the best US pigeons and pigeons to the international pigeon sport."