Mike Cooney passed away - Announcement regarding purchased pigeons

Mike Cooney (34) passed away on 5th of January 2017 in Thailand. He had major ambitions in pigeon racing and he intended to found a breeding station in the United Kingdom and Thailand, which is why he obtained several pigeons across different PIPA auctions in the course of November 2016. These pigeons were to be used as breeders for his breeding station.

Due to this tragic death PIPA has agreed with the selling fanciers to re-auction all the pigeons that Mike Cooney had purchased on PIPA, many of which had already been paid for. The amount already paid will be reimbursed to the heirs. All pigeons had been purchased using the bidding names PL888, Cooney Gang Syndicate and Betfair.

A first group of pigeons comes from Christian van de Wetering, where Mike Cooney purchased 32 of a total of 34 pigeons in auction. These 32 pigeons will be re-auctioned from 30th of January until Monday 13th of February.

A second group of pigeons comes from Mark Kitchenbrand, where Mike Cooney bought 25 of a total of 33 pigeons in auction. The 25 pigeons will be re-auctioned from 5th of March until Sunday 19th of march.

A number of pigeons of John Crehan, Hardy Kruger & Freialdenhofen will be sold in our March auction in late March 2017, on a date yet to be determined.

Mike Cooney and Christian van de Wetering