Mexico has a new one loft race called Derby De Fondo

In the Mexican city of Teotihuacán on 25 January 2014 the official opening of the new one loft race Derby De Fondo was held. The liberation of the final race (700 km) will take place in Juan Aldama on Saturday January 24, 2015.

The project

Teotihuacán Pigeon Loft (TPL) was born from a lot of ideas and experiences that I have had during my 40 years as a racing pigeon fancier. In 2009 the construction of the loft was planned to offer modern facilities, comfort and healthy spaces to pigeons, basic needs to satisfy in order to compete positively in long distance racing.

This is an opportunity for fanciers from Mexico and other countries to race pigeons in a one loft that offers unique long distance racing with high competitive standards. I am convinced that TPL will boost the development  of a larger base of Mexican racing pigeon fanciers specially the ones interested in long distance racing. This project is comparable to those racing pigeon tournaments existing in Belgium, the birthplace of this great sport.

The facilities were designed taking ideas from different pigeon lofts that I have visited located not only in North America, but also in South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa including the One Million Dollar Pigeon Race of South Africa. In all these places I have been very fortunate to meet great fanciers open to share their knowledge and ideas from whom I have learnt as much as possible. In addition, they allowed me to observe and analyze their facilities in order to design TPL facilities as efficiently as possible.

After much effort, Teotihuacan Pigeon Loft started its testing phase in August 2012 when 50 of my pigeons were lodged to test TPL performance. These pigeons have been flown and trained for 18+ months and are in great shape.


Teotihuacan Pigeon Loft  features:

  • 12 sections to accommodate 60 birds  each (720 in total)
  • 26 sections  for breeding , 20m² (23.9 square yards)
  • A 140m² (167 square yards) resting and sun area for pigeon comfort.

Official kick-off at Teotihuacan on January 25, 2014


1) Pigeon reception

The reception of  pigeons will be from February 1st to February 28th, 2014.

2) Cost

The cost of a 3 pigeon team is €250.00.

3) Pigeon replacement

There will be lost and/or injured pigeon replacement from  April 1st  to April 15th 2014.

4) Pigeon replacement purchasing option

Have you lost your pigeons? Do not worry. If a fancier has lost his participating pigeons by the end of November 2014, he will have the option to buy for €25 each, pigeons that would replace his lost pigeons. For this purpose Teotihuacan Pigeon Loft will have 50 pigeons who have been training with the whole group of participanting pigeons. The purchasing may be done only during the first fortnight of December 2014. The pigeons sold will become entire property of the purchaser at the end of the contests.

5) Training program 2014

Sunday       October 19      30 Km  18.6 miles
Sunday       October 26      30 Km  18.6
Sunday       November 2      50 Km  31.1
Sunday       November 9      60 Km  37.2
Thursday     November 13     60 Km  37.2
Sunday       November 16     90 Km  55.9
Thursday     November 20     90 Km  55.9
Sunday       November 23     90 Km  55.9
Thursday     November 27    120 Km  74.5
Sunday       November 30    120 Km  74.5
Thursday     December 4     120 Km  74.5
Sunday       December 7     150 Km  93.2
Thursday     December 11    120 Km  74.5
Sunday       December14     180 Km  111.8
Saturday     December 20    220 km  136.7
Saturday     December 27    250 km  155.3

6) Race schedule

Saturday January  3, 2015   Ojuelos, Jalisco            375 km   233 miles
Saturday January 10, 2015   Trancoso, Zacatecas         490 km   304 miles
Saturday January 17, 2015   Felipe Pescador, Zacatecas  600 km   372 miles
Saturday January 24, 2015   Juan Aldama, Zacatecas      700 km   435 miles

7) Final race

8) Flyer

Would you like to get a flyer? Just send your full address to and we can postal mail it to you.

Teotihuacan area

Teotihuacan Pigeon Loft is located 50 Km (32 miles) northeast of Mexico City, 45 minute drive, in the municipality of San Juan Teotihuacan in the State of Estado de Mexico,  and is 5 minutes from the world famous Archeological Teotihuacan site. Nowadays this area is recognized as one of the most outstanding testimonies of ancient urbanism, and is visited by millions of people every year. Teotihuacan is one of the most attractive tourist areas in Mexico.


TPL is located at 2,270 m above sea level. Its weather is semi-dry, and it is rainy in the summer. Its average annual temperature is in between 23.6 °C (74.5 F) maximum and 10.6 °C (51.1 F)  minimal. The warmer months are usually April and May, and the month with the highest rain precipitation is usually July.

Dr. Eduardo Lanfranchi, race organiser: "My passion is long distance pigeon racing, a challenging and wonderful activity that fortunately has given me countless satisfaction. This is my hobby, illness or whatever you may call it, and I would like to share it with you!"

If you're interested in participating in this great pigeon racing challenge, please contact the organisation at: