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The Mecca of pigeon racing is for sale

Louis Janssen (Arendonk, BE) was one of the most famous pigeon fanciers worldwide. He died on 16 April 2013. He decided to quit the sport when he was 100 years old and this heralded the end of a long tradition of pigeon fancying in the Janssen family that has lasted for over 100 years. His house was home to a famous collection of pigeons and it is now for sale.

Pigeon fancying legend Louis Janssen

Thousands of fanciers have paid a visit to the home of the Janssen family in Schoolstraat 6, hoping to get their hands on some of their invaluable pigeons. There was a long waiting list for the fairly small collection of the Janssen brothers and Louis did not want to give everything away. That is why many fanciers returned home empty-handed. The last pigeons from Arendonk were sold in March 2012 and were sold on PIPA in May that year. This final auction made clear that the Janssen breed had gained an impressive reputation and that they are still in great demand. Fanciers paid no less than 21,390 euro for 24 old birds and two young birds, which is spectacular. Louis Janssen was no longer living in Schoolstraat 6 during this final auction, due to health problems. He spent his last days in a rest home, celebrating his 100th birthday. The last member of this famous family of pigeon fanciers died on 16 April 2013 and his house is now for sale. This is a house where pigeon racing history has been made. It was a place of pilgrimage for fanciers looking for pigeons worth their weight in gold.

The world-famous home of the Janssen brothers in the Schoolstraat

The house of the Janssen brothers, with single-glazed windows, was built in 1930. It has a total surface of 400m² and there is an oil-fired central heating. The cadastral income is 461€. The ground floor has a hall, a cosy sitting room and living room, an old-fashioned kitchen, a cosy bedroom, a lumber room and a stairwell. As you can see from the pictures, every room in this house reminds of pigeon racing. There are cups, pictures and other memorabilia all over the house. The first floor has four comfortable bedrooms, as well as the legendary pigeon loft where numerous fanciers have been admiring the famous Janssen pigeons. The house has a basement and an attic as well and there is a garden behind the house. It will cost 255,000 euro.

The living room reminds of the glorious Janssen era

The upcoming sale of the house of the Janssen family will probably put an end to a glorious history in pigeon racing in Belgium, unless the new owner of the house decides to turn the property into a museum for pigeons, honouring the most famous pigeon fanciers’ family worldwide. The story goes that Louis used to keep his money at home so it might be interesting to make a bid. Those interested can contact Immo 2000 by telephone on +32 14 67 20 66 or by e-mail on