Maurice & Grégory Casaert (Néchin, BE) win the 1st national Argenton against 26,133 youngsters !

Feared like the plague and the cholera, when the east wind is blowing, the Casaert did not have to pray to win their second national victory of the season this weekend, barely 11 weeks after the national triumph of Olympic Fifteen from Bourges I!

Everything has practically been said, written or heard about the name Casaert. From Maurice to Grégory, through Sébastien and Maurice junior, we are dealing here with one of the most prestigious families of the Belgian pigeon sport. The name Casaert has become a real trademark and they are also appreciated abroad as much as our chocolate or our beers! As the chief of the family, Maurice has always distinguished himself from others by being considered as one of the most prominent pigeon fanciers, but what is even more remarkable, is that he has managed to convey his unique gift to his three sons so that the pigeon world is now asking this question : 

Where will they stop ?

It's in fact the sixth national victory won in Néchin since 1992, the third since 2008 (Bourges I '08 & '12 and now Argenton) while the whole loft of birds that made them world famous (Nasdaq and co.) was sold at the end of 2007, after raising a round of youngsters. Its this genetic renewal that makes their success even more enjoyable. From a simple round of youngsters out of a so monumental loft from the period pre 2007, Maurice & Grégory successfully reached their previous level, and even maybe raised it, in only 5 short years. And the worst thing is that it is probably not finished yet ...
It is only possible with an extraordinary strain of pigeons but still, you must have the right pigeon fancier skills as well.
The proof is in the pedigree of Jewel, the brand new national winner, we find old champions like Limoges King, Gamin, Le Borgne Dedeyne or Nasdaq... only pigeons born before '98! The Casaerts are like the guardians of their own breed. Combine the quality housed in their loft with some well thought out purchases (Grégory didn't hold out too long, the success of the De Rauw-Sablon) and you get a tasty meal that just needs to be seasoned by your pigeon fancier talents.

The second of the season !

Barely 11 weeks after their national victory from Bourges won by Olympic Fifteen, who was also the fastest pigeon of the 37,444 pigeons, it is now Jewel' who brings back their second national win in 2012.
Think what you will, but we found a few similarities between the two victories, simply because they are so obvious. 
At first, concerning the flying conditions: this weekend, they were identical as those of the last weekend of May (east wind and heat for speeds of  around 1,233 m/min from Argenton and 1,227 m/min rom Bourges). If betting agencies organized pigeon bets, the Casaert would have without any doubt the smallest odds ever...
Secondly, because this new national victoiry contains the touch of the new breeding master of the loft, Blue Magic. This grandson of Nasdaq is the father of Olympic Fifteen, 1st national Bourges '12, and you can now add another string to his bow because he is the maternal grand-father of Jewel !

- Jewel (BE 12-9032332)

3rd Orléans 469 p.
33th Bourges 418 p.
1st Argenton 26.133 p.
Highest speed of 37,948 pigeons

The national winner of Argenton, highest speed of 37.948 pigeons.

Sire: Leonardo (BE 04-9134245), already father of the sensationnal Cheyenne, one of the best pigeons of the loft before the total auction of 2007. He is son of the pair Gamin x Paola. Gamin won the 2nd semi-national Châteauroux from 12.,55 p. (beaten by a loftmate) and came from the Limoges King x Arcadia (mother of the invincible Nasdaq) while Paola is a daughter of the golden pair from Damien Baert, Joel' x La Flamande and is then aunt of Diego (1st national Argenton '10), Connor (1st interprovincial Vierzon '11), etc.
Dam: Gucci (BE 11-9065108), product of the new breeding lines which makes the success so complete in Néchin as she is a daughter of the super Blue Magic x Prada. Blue Magic is nothing but a grandson of Nasdaq (via his mother Dior', also mother of Mistral' - 1st national Brive 7,446 p.) and is the actual N°1 breeder of the colony. Prada was directly purchased from Etienne De Rauw and is a half-sister of the Goede Blauwe Aelbrecht' (via her mother, the 'Daughter Limoges', as her name says, a direct daughter of the legendary Limoges De Rauw-Sablon).
(If you want to check her pedigree, click here)

2012 Season: 3 east wind for 3 top performances

What makes the difference between the best pigeon fanciers and the others, it is their capacity to be there when people are expecting you to be. They are certainly capable of that in Néchin. The 2012 season began with some fireworks: mistrusting a lot the bad weather of the begining of the 2012 campaign, their pigeons were directly basketed for Toury around the middle of May. They were previously trained a dozen or so times. The next week, the first big race of the season was scheduled: Vierzon. Maurice & Grégory won directly the 2nd interprovincial against 6,257 old birds. The flying conditions of this weekend? Heat, east wind and speed around 1,300 m/min. The following week, same conditions for the national race from Bourges... you know the end of the story. After that, we were not really spoiled with the flying conditions: strong tail wind and the south of Belgium had nothing to say for most of the races because it was simply impossible to get in front of the results. It will take 11 weeks to find identical conditions and... you know the end of the story again. No, there is not any doubt left, the Casaert family are almost unbeatable when everybody is waiting for them ... and they seem to like it !

Maurice, Julienne & Grégory, there is nothing left to say except that we wish you our sincere congratulations !