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Maurice & Grégory Casaert (Néchin, BE) - 1st national Bourges 20,577 old birds and highest speed of 37,444 pigeons!

With this victory from Bourges I in 2012, it is the fifth national victory for the Casaert family since 1994! Enough to ensure the further dominance of their loft at national level!

Fifth national victory !
The first of these five fantastic performances took place in 1994 with the victory of the super Invincible Montauban from the race of the same name against 5,335 pigeons. They were back in 2000 with the victory of Nasdaq, the most emblematic pigeon of the entire pigeon career of the Casaert loft, who triumphed from Souillac against 7,154 pigeons before becoming an exceptionnal breeder, probably the counterpart by itself of the De Rauw-Sablon! Four years later, Mistral won the national prize against 7,446 pigeons in a tough race from Brive. Four years later again, Footsie won 1st national Bourges I out of 13,472 yearlings and then Olympic Fifteen came to top this wonderful prize list with 1st national Bourges I out of 20,577 old birds (with the highest speed out of 37,444 pigeons). In short, the Casaert Family have won a 1st national once every four years since 2000... a fantastic performance never seen before! 

Maurice & Grégory basketed 15 pigeons for this race from Bourges (10 old birds and 5 yearlings) and they clocked their champion at 13h07 after it had flown 401 km, giving an average speed of 1.227 m/min, the highest speed of the entire race. There were also other pigeons who came close with clockings at 13h18 (old bird), 13h19 (old bird) and 13h22 (yearling), achieving 1st, 33th and 52th national places by the old birds and the 68th national place by the yearling. One thing is sure, the pigeons were in top condition!

2012 season postponed but already successful
At the begining of the season, Maurice & Grégory didn't wanted to compete early on. The father and son wanted to wait for better weather and as it wasn't good enough for them at the beginning of the season racing was postponed. However, Grégory maintained the condition of his racers with a few training toss during the week, especially from Clermont.

Their season finally began on Saturday 12th of May when the pigeons were basketted for Toury. They were in good condition and the folowing weekend the Casaert Family missed first place by a few seconds from Vierzon. Ultimately, they won the 2nd Interprovincial place against 6,700 old birds. Not bad for the second race of the year. But what can we say about the third? This national victory is a gift from the sky and this already makes the 2012 season a very successful one! It will certainly help Maurice to cheer up, as he has been struggling with sickness for a few years and he can't go to the loft anymore. Grégory explains: My mother, Julienne, is taking care of everything in the loft. I would like to thank her because without her help, we would have never won this 5th national victory. Grégory is modest. Working in the Luxemburg, he decided to take a career break to have some time out and to help his mother with the daily chores in the the loft. This partnership seems to work perfectly!

- 'Olympic Fifteen' (BE 08-9044015)

1st   Châteauroux 807 p. '11
2nd   Châteauroux 7.144 p. '11
11th  Châteauroux nat 20.517 p. '11
54th  Bourges 3.127 p. '09
19th  Argenton 8.935 p. '09
6th   Châteauroux 681 p. '09
52th  La Souterraine 7.118 p. '08
28th  Châteauroux 4.093 p. '10
19th  Bourges 6.154 p. '10
155th Châteauroux 8.189 p. '10
151th Bourges nat 10.906 p. '10
8th   Soissons 470 p. '11
2th   La Ferté 376 p. '11
27th  Vierzon semi-nat 11.062 p. '11
120th Bourges nat 9.781 p. '11


Father: 'Blue Magic' (BE 07-9023007), actual N°1 breeder of the loft, he is 2nd interprovincial of Vierzon 6,700 p. 2012, etc. He is the son of the couple Ultra x Dior. Dior is a full daughter of the super Nasdaq. Important detail: Blue Magic is a full brother of Capucine who is now the grand-mother of the national winner from Bourges from the brothers Gaie!! It's a double success with this fifth national victory won by two descendants of Nasdaq. 

Mother: 'Ginza' (BE 07-3181232), direct from Georges Bolle, Kortemark out of the couple Tombi x Vicky.

Total triumph in Bourges I... with the help of Nasdaq!
The success was everything for the Casaert Family from this first national race as Sébastien, the other gifted member of the family, clocked no less than seven pigeons into the national top 100 (old birds & yearlings). But the cherry on the cake, is the national victory of the Gaie brothers in the yearling category, another loft having the Casaert bloodlines in their pigeons. The parents of their 1st national were purchased as eggs at the loft of Sébastien Casaert-Sénéchal and the grandmother on the mother's side is a half-sister to Mistral, 1st national Brive 2004 as she is a daughter of Dior, the goose with the golden eggs, full daughter of Nasdaq! It has become a tradition, as each year there is a national victory won by a descendant of this fantastic pigeon. With no less than 8 national or interprovincial victories won by his direct descendants during the last years few year, Nasdaq proves itself as one of the best breeders in the entire history of Belgian pigeon racing. The story began in 2004 when one of his grandchildren, Mistral, won the national race from Brive. In 2008, Doudou from the partnership of Goossens-Druart won the interprovincial race from Vierzon while in 2010, Gaby Vandenabeele won 1st national Argenton with a granddaughter of this legendary breeder, one week before the young cock of Jean-Marie Populaire won the interprovincial race from Blois. Last year, two great grandchildren performed at the highest level with the interprovincial victory from Vierzon won by Connor from Damien Baert and the national victory of Châteauroux (with the best velocity of 44,908 pigeons) won by Séb' from the Gaie brothers. Finally, this year, Olympic Fifteen (who is a great grandchild) won the race from Bourges (highest velocity from 37,444 pigeons) whilst Loulou from the Gaie brothers (great great grandchild) won the red card in the yearlings against 16,867 pigeons... what's next ?

We would like to offer our sincere congratulations to the whole Casaert family for these unbelievable pigeon racing achievements! Hats off gentlemen, you are forever one of the best.