Maurice and Luc De Laere (Anzegem, BE) outstanding in 2015 with three provincial first prizes!

Luc De Laere can look back on a splendid 2015 season, with three provincial first prizes and two provincial second prizes. It adds to a total of no less than 20 provincial victories since 1995.

However, the 2015 season did not start well for the De Laere family: father Maurice De Laere, who was the right-hand man of his son Luc in the pigeon loft, passed away in late March. This was a hard blow for Luc and his family, especially because Luc works fulltime as a mechanic. This means he can use a helping hand once in a while. His wife Sybille now helps with cleaning the lofts, so that Luc can focus on the breeding loft and his highly talented racing team. This proved an excellent combination, as you can tell from the results of 2015.

3 x 1st Provincial and 2 x 2nd Provincial and 17 first prizes in 2015

This is an impressive palmares, and it shows that 2015 has been a great racing season. It seems as if the De Laere pigeons have put in an extra effort to pay homage to the late loft manager Maurice. They have had a truly exceptional season in 2015, winning most notably the following top prizes:

1st Prov. Fontenay (309 km) 7,988 pigeons, and the fastest of 16,000!
1st Prov. Compiegne,  (184 km) 16,547 young birds
1st Prov. Tours 2,122 pigeons (435 km)
2nd Prov. Tulle 1,053 pigeons (604 km)
2nd Prov. Chateauroux  1,902 young birds (468 km)

These are spectacular results, and many top prizes have been won with descendants of stock breeder Tieke, which was 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance KBDB in 2001 and 2002, and winner of a 1st Provincial Tours 1,557 p. and a 2nd Prov. Blois 1,003 p. (behind a loft mate). He proved just as valuable in the breeding loft: his bloodlines are especially valuable when combined with Gaby Vandenabeele’s Bliksem bloodline and the old Janssen Brothers breed from Arendonk. These combinations have given many outstanding cracks and provincial and national prize winners.

The four stars of 2015

Luc and Maurice had the fastest pigeon overall in the 2014 race from Chateauroux I against 39,835 pigeons with Sproet Tieke. However, a control ring was clocked too late, and this ruined the party. Sproet Tieke was still the moral winner of the race but that was not good enough for him: he was out for revenge in 2015.
He worked very hard in the race from Fontenay, eventually becoming 1st Pigeon Provincial against 7,988 old birds, as the fastest of almost 16,000 pigeons!

-Sproet Tieke BE11-315645

 1st Prov. Fontenay 7,988 olds (fastest of 16,008 p. in total)
 1st Tours           163 p.
 2nd Prov. Tours   1,033 p.
 1st Fontenay        310 p.
 1st Fontenay        228 p.
 1st Fontenay        157 p.
 2nd Angerville      558 p.(behind loft mate)
 2nd Clermont        373 p.(behind loft mate)
11th Prov. WVOU    8,462 p.
 3rd Tours           277 p.
29th Prov. Tours   2,093 p.

He was the moral winner of Chateauroux National 2014, as well as 1st Interprov. Ace Pigeon in 2013!
Sire: Accident Tieke BE08-3015171
Winner of a 1st Ablis 625 p. He is a son of stock breeder Tieke 207-00 (1st Prov. Ace Pigeon KBDB ’01 + ’02…) x Annette (a crossing of Anton Peitz x Koopman).
Dam: ’t Fredje BE10-7273409
Daughter of Der Star 306-04 (winner of 51 first prizes in 57 races)  x Zus Gigant (Prange).

-Jerommeke BE14-3070203

 1st Prov Tours  2,122 YL
 6th Prov Bourge 1,415 p.
37th Prov Gueret 2,834 p.

Sire: Bonten BE12-3116505-12
A grandson of Tieke and a half brother of supercrack Prins Tieke (1st Prov. Orleans 3,797 p.). Bonten 505 is a son of Medarke 788-09 (winner of 2nd Prov. Poitiers 1,183 p., 2nd Bourges 775 p.) x De 759 Tieke, a top class breeding hen and daughter of stock breeder Tieke 207-00. 
Tieke 759 is the dam of Rolf (1st Ablis 466 p., 1st Ablis 259 p.,  2nd Tours 275 p.).
Dam: Gabriella  BE11-3070273
A Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, and a granddaughter of James Bond (1st Nat. Bourges) and Blauwe Fideel (1st Nat. Brive).

-First Lady BE15-3070803

1st Prov Compiegne 16,457 young birds (fastest of 18,618 pigeons overall)
1st Fontenay          502 p.

Sire: Amor BE09-3016305
Winner of 1st N.Zone Bourges 3,200 p. and 2nd Nat. Bourges 14,112 p. He is a son of Perfect Tieke 750-07 (son stock sire Tieke 207-00) x IJzeren Geschelpte 930 (from the old De Laere breed)
Dam: Witpenneke 326 BE09-3016326 
A sister of Baron (7 x 1st prize), and the dam of the 2nd Prov. Guéret 2,834 p. She is a granddaughter of Tieke 207-00 and of the iconic Bliksem of Gaby Vandenabeele.
Click here for the pedigree of First Lady

-Chippendale BE10-3015878

2nd Prov Tulle          1,053 p.
7th Nat La Souterraine  9,548 p.
3rd Prov. Chateauroux   3,600 p.
70th Nat Poitiers      12,379 p.
4th Orléans               410 p. 
36th Prov  Orleans      2,679 p.
38th Prov  Argenton     2,501 p.  
40th Prov  Orleans      3,797 p.
77th Prov Tours         6,400 p.

This is a super class racing bird and winner of 5 prizes at least per 10. He originates from a pairing of Tieke x Bliksem Vandenabeele, one of the most successful bloodlines in Luc De Laere’s collection.

The Chateauroux BE15-3070833, winner of a 2nd Prov. Chateauroux 1,992 young birds in the closing national classic in September 2015, is another highly successful racing bird in the current De Laere racing loft. Each of these pigeons has played an important role in the impressive list of achievements of 2015. The highlights of this season can be found below.

Sproet Tieke BE11-3115645 (5 first prizes), Tiekes Bliksem BE11-3115713 (7 first prizes and four second prizes), Chippendale BE10-3015878 (2nd Prov. Tulle, 3rd Prov. Chateauroux and 7th Nat. La Souterraine) and Sperwer Tieke BE11-3115660 are four very talented racing birds that were transferred to the breeding loft in the end of 2015. Luc hopes to further engrain the Tieke bloodline in his existing breed through inbreeding and line breeding.

Their place in the team of 36 widowers (2 lofts with 18 boxes) will be taken by a new generation of promising new racing birds, still heavily based on the Tieke breed! This has proven to be a very successful approach, that has enabled this pigeon family to achieve great results over the years, including 20 provincial first prizes.

High hopes for 2016

The year did not start well with the passing of his father Maurice, and it did not end well either, since Luc got involved in a work accident. He fell off a scaffold of 5 metres high, causing bruses and fractures. Things could have been worse but he is now recovering well. We wish him a quick recovery. We hope the great results of his racing birds will ease the pain. Luc and Sybille are looking forward to the 2016 racing season with high hopes. Their current generation of outstanding racing birds should allow them to have another great year.

Sister of First Lady

Best results of 2015

09/5 Fontenay          295  olds 2-3-12-18-18-23-26….15/22
               WVOU  9,261  olds 14-16-60-107-107-170….16/22
17/5 Fontenay          480  olds 5-8-13-33………7/9
                       157  olds 1-7-13-22    4/7
               WVOU  7,988  olds 1-66-175 (3 op 4)
17/5 Tours     Prov  2,122  YL   1     1/3
23/5 Issoudun          307  olds 1-4-8….5/8
06/6 Fontenay          142  olds 1-4-7-9-12-13…..12/12
13/6 Chateaudun        117  olds 3-4-9-10….8/9
               Prov  3,601  olds 40-42-102-119…..8/9
13/6 Gueret            350  olds 9-31    2/3
               Prov  1,769  olds 27-108     2/3
20/6 Limoges           372  olds 17–24   2/3
               Prov  1,906  olds 121-145     2/3
                       264  YL  19-35-38       3/3
               Prov  1,364  YL  95-173-187   3/3
20/6 Chateaudun         99  olds 1-2…
27/6 Argenton          334  olds 5-33-42-52-72    5/6
               Prov  1,578  olds 42-161-195… 5/6
11/7 Chateaudun         68  olds 1-3-4-6    4/5
               Prov  1,177  olds 15-24-29     3/4
11/7 Chateauroux       226  olds 14-15-21-25….5/6
               Prov  1,441  olds 38-39-60-80… 5/6
               Prov  2,613  YL   31-230-268   3/3
11/7 Brive     Prov  1,604  olds 195-285    2/3
               Prov  1,331  YL   61-90-394   3/3
11/7 Fontenay  WVOU 11.549  YB   13-14-37-168-177… 8/52
18/7 Fontenay          502  YB   1-9-12-17-18-23-33-36… 25/46
25/7 Tulle     Prov  1,053  olds 2
               Prov  1,306  YL   11-61-177-259  4/4
25/7 Compiegne Prov 16,457  YL   1-50-132-136-140… 19/48
01/8 Bourges   Prov    787  olds 8-24-45… 4/7
               Prov  1,415  YL   6-53… 3/5
               Prov  5,855  YB   9-68-286… 7/12
08/8 Chateaudun        211  YB   1-3-4-6-7-15-21… 12/20
               Prov  4,275  YB   4-16-19-38-39-90… 14/20
15/8 Pontoise  Prov  8,904  YB   76-130-168-275… 10/13
22/8 Chateaudun        151  YB   4-6-7-14… 7/12
29/8 Issoudun          558  YB   11-16-17-29-45-47… 12/17
               Prov  2,583  YB   33-46-47-80-124-136… 12/17
05/9 Chateauroux Pro 1,992  YB   2-87-150-185… 6/20