Marvellous auction weekend: Batenburg-vd Merwe €3,914/YB, Andreas Drapa €1,989/YB , Jos Cools €1,860/pigeon, Jutla Bros €1,766/pigeon,...

The 6 auctions that closed today raised 154,500 EURO in total. Each auction had an impressive average sale prize, and the pigeons were sold to 14 different countries.

Batenburg-van de Merwe – 14 young birds – 3,914 EURO/young bird
2016 was another highly successful season for Hugo Batenburg. For instance, he has managed to finish in the national top 27 in 9 consecutive extreme long distance races ZLU. His great season also resulted in an equally successful auction, with 14 pigeons raising a total of 54,800 EURO. The stars of this event were the youngsters of New Laureaat, which won the international first prize in Barcelona 2013. They were sold for 7,600 EURO each. Other top class pigeons in this auction were youngsters of Special One (1st Internat. Barcelona 2015), which were sold for 4,800 and 4,000 EURO. Two inbred youngsters of New Remy (1st Nat. Barcelona 2014) were in high demand as well, and they were sold for 4,200 and 3,200 EURO respectively. The 14 pigeons were sold to 7 different countries: Belgium (6), China (2), Great Britain (2), Taiwan (1), Poland (1), Germany (1) and France (1).

Andreas Drapa – 9 young birds – 1,989 EURO/young bird
The German champion had another great season in 2016, having won the first 10 ace pigeons in the Sprinter Cup. These ace pigeons were sold in auction last weekend. His 9 young birds were sold for 17,900 EURO in total. The most expensive pigeons of this auction were Son Pokerface 3,400 EURO, Super Ace 902 (1st Ace Pigeon Sprinter Cup) 2,800 EURO, and Sky Ace (2nd Ace Pigeon Sprinter Cup) 2,400 EURO. The 9 pigeons were sold to 5 different countries: Germany (3), China (2), Croatia (2), Taiwan (1) and Belgium (1).

Jos Cools – 5 pigeons – 1,860 EURO/pigeon
The invaluable bloodlines of sprint champion Jos Cools enabled such fanciers as Dirk Van den Bulck and Danny Van Dyck to become nationally renowned fanciers. Jos his own racing team did great as well, having won many national ace pigeon titles and championship titles. He auctioned pigeons online for the first time, and it proved a major success. All 5 pigeons were sold to China, and the star of the show was Favoriet, co-winner of the national championship sprint KBDB and sold for 3,400 EURO. A youngster of stock pair Miel x Octavia was popular as well; it was eventually sold for 2,500 EURO.

Jutla Brothers – 29 pigeons – 1,766 EURO/pigeon
The British Jutla brothers have had a collection of high value pigeons for many years now, many of which were obtained from Belgian top lofts. They have now sold a unique group of direct Leo Heremans pigeons, and this auction was a great success, with an overall revenue of 51,200 EURO. The eye catchers of this auction were a sister and brother of Nieuwe Olympiade, which were sold for 6,000 and 4,400 EURO respectively. The youngsters of Olympiade and Natalia proved popular as well, raising 4,200 and 4,000 EURO. These pigeons were mostly sold to Asian fanciers. 13 of them were sold to China, the remaining pigeons are going to Taiwan (3), Ireland (4), Spain (4), The Netherlands (3), Great Britain (1), Belgium (1), and India (1).

Embregts-Theunis – 9 pigeons – 1,328 EURO/pigeon
The secret behind the success story of Peter Theunis is the creation of one of the strongest pigeon families in The Netherlands, which includes such champions as Golden Cannonball, Miss Goldnugget, Rocketeer, Dragon Rocket, Golden Bingo and top pair Super Rossi x Miss Goldmine. A group of youngsters of this top class breeding team raised a more than decent average of 1,328 EURO/pigeon. The most expensive pigeon of the lot was Perfect Sunrise, 5th Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB 2013, which goes to Taiwan. An additional 3 pigeons were sold to China, and to The Netherlands (4) and Taiwan (2).

Jos Thoné collection – 9 young birds – 1,011 EURO/young bird
In the spring of 2016 Belgian champion Jos Thoné sold his entire old birds' collection in an impressive PIPA auction. He made a successful fresh start with a group of yearlings and young birds, living up to his reputation as a 'Comeback Kid'. A number of top fanciers sold their very best Thoné pigeons in auction. The most wanted pigeon was a son of Cavendish, which was sold for 1,700 EURO. Again, most pigeons were sold to China (5); the other birds went to Egypt, Germany, Slovakia and Poland.