Martial Maindrelle (Bretteville-Sur-Laize, FR) boosts his 2018 season with a new Olympic qualification thanks to Olympic Nadir!

As the years go by, 'the Doc' became a household name in the national and international events. Since several years, this pigeon loft localized in Normandy became one of the leading names from the middle distance scene in Europe.

Back in 2013, we introduced him for the first time on PIPA and we already talked about his two best pigeons: the iconic 'Cannonball' and the phenomenal 'Nico' were the two first special pigeons of our french friend and they allowed him to built his name on the international scene. Since that time, a lot of things have changed and he has won many top performances. We also get used to see him classified each year on the french national championships but he also managed to be qualified for the Olympiad during three editions in a row. Poznan was not an exception to that rule and we could see the 'Aviator's Loft' represented this time by 'Olympic Nadir' as second French pigeon in the category B.

A golden breeding loft…

It has been several years that doctor Maindrelle invested in the PIPA auction. He had the opportunity to purchase some of the best bloodlines from the pigeon planet, including pigeons from Heremans, Van Nordenne, Van der Zijde, Debecker, Bosua, Mirabelle and recently from the best lines of the Pipa Elite Center with a direct daughter of 'Porsche 911' and a son of 'Anne' raced by Sebastien Casaert-Sénéchal where she won the 7th National Ace Pigeon Great Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB in 2018… Despite several offers, he was also strong enough to keep most of his Olympic pigeons. In reality, only 'Olympic Juliet' has been sold on PIPA several years ago. That's how we can find currently a golden quatuor in his breeding loft:

- 'Olympic Nico' (FR12-105008)

                1. Olympic Pigeon FR Cat A Budapest ‘15
                1. Olympic Pigeon FR Cat D Brussels ‘17

- 'Olympic Cannonball' (FR12-333321)

                1. Olympic Pigeon FR Cat D Budapest ‘15

- 'Olympic Huracan' (FR15-000431)

                2. Olympic Pigeon FR Cat G Brussels ‘17

- 'Olympic Nadir' (FR15-000425)

                2. Olympic Pigeon FR Cat B Poznan ‘19

Poznan 2019…

Once again, Martial had the incredible pride to be a part of the French team for the last Olympiads. This year, it was heald in Poland with the Olympiads housed in Poznan. It's the third time in a row that the Maindrelle loft is qualified for the Olympiad, after Budapest in 2015, Brussels in 2017 and now Poznan in 2019. This time, it was a fantastic blue cock who did it. Here he is:

- 'Olympic Nadir' (FR15-000425)

'Nadir' was the flag-bearer of the loft in the last olympiad. After his qualification, his name could be strenghtened by the term 'Olympic, which explains why he is now christened 'Olympic Nadir'.

'Olympic Nadir' started his career as a young bird with the 2. Saumur Prov. 525 p. (193 km) in 2015.
Since the start of his career in 2015, he managed to win a fantastic balance of 36 prizes from 44 basketings (so 82%) including 30x per 10 & 11x per 100 with 11x TOP 10 :

1. Provincial Ace Middle Distance '17
2. Provincial Ace General '17
3. Provincial Ace General '16
3. Provincial Ace General '16
2. Saumur     -   525 p. '15
2. Saumur     - 1.452 p. '18
3. Roullet    -   452 p. '16
3. Limoges    - 1.575 p. '16
3. Vivonne    -   903 p. '18
6. Ruffec     -   936 p. '18
7. Cholet     - 1.448 p. '17
9. Pressac    -   801 p. '18
10. Roullet   - 1.170 p. '17
10. Souzay    - 1.720 p. '17
10. Pressac   - 1.345 p. '18
12. Bergerac  -   585 p. '17
12. Libourne  -   426 p. '16
14. Libourne  -   748 p. '16
15. Bergerac  - 1.023 p. '17
15. Ste-Maure - 1.380 p. '16
19. Vivonne   -   796 p. '18

'Olympic Nadir' is a 100% dutch pigeon. His father, 'Zijdie' (NL10-1541358), is a direct Rens Van der Zijde with Schaerlaekens blood. His father (NL08-1392288) was bred from the star pairing 'Inteelt X Evita', while his mother (NL02-1796476) is a full sister of 'Evita', the super breeding hen from Van der Zijde, herself daughter of the pair 'Invincible X Supertje'.
His mother, 'Nadie', is an original Koopmann hen. At mother side, it's a granddaughter of the worldfamous 'Kleine Dirk' while at father side, we can find back 'David’s Son' (NL07-1207620).

Click here to check his pedigree.

The pair 'Zijdie' x 'Nadie' already bred a proven racer as a full brother of 'Olympic Nadir' was himself a very strong racer:

- 'Hayabusa' (FR13-42465)

1. Poitiers  - 638 p. '14 
1. St Yrieix - 549 p. '14     
5. Poitiers  - 416 p. '13   
5. Roullet   - 522 p. '14

Both are half-brothers of another crack of the loft:

- 'Clean Spirit' (FR14-28412)

14. National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance '18
1. Langon 978 p. '15 (508km) 
   1. Federal  1.960 p.
   1. Federal Yl 907 p. 

- 'Outsider' (FR17-406023)

12. National Ace Pigeon 300-500 km '18
18. Provincial Ace Pigeon General '18
3.  Pressac 1.345 p. '18
4.  Vivonne   903 p. '18
5.  Pressac   801 p. '18
18. Saumur  1.452 p. '18

Click here to check his pedigree.

It was a close call before a super son of the fantastic pair formed by 'Olympic Nico x Dream 444' (full sister of 'Olympic Cannonball') made it also to the trip in Poznan as he ended as 1st reserve pigeon France Cat G (yearlings) with the following results:

- 'Fangio' (FR17-154029)

1° Reserve Cat G Olympiad Poznan 2019
1. Pressac  782 p. '18
2. Cholet   612 p. '18
5. Vivonne  582 p. '18
6. Saumur 1.452 p. '18

Click here to check the pedigree of 'Fangio'.

In addition, Martial played once again a big role in the french national championships where he became a house hold name. Judge by yourself:

French national championships 2018

We can find back the Maindrelle loft with 4 classifications in the various championships:

5th National General Champion France
7th National Champion Middle Distance France
7th National Champion Long Distance France
14th National Champion Sprint France

Then, Martial classified no less than 10 pigeons in the national championships:

8th National Ace Pigeon All-Round
10th & 15th National Ace Pigeon Young Birds
12th-14th-16th National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance
12th National Ace Pigeon Long Distance
22th-24th-25th National Ace Pigeon Sprint

In conclusion

With such kind of performances, we can easily write that the 2018 season was a huge succes. We must also underline the fact that the racing schedule of Martial is 8 weeks shorter than his closest opponents from the 1st area in the French pigeon sport. It gives a little more lust to the quality of his performances. He was also 2nd middle distance champion of the 'La France Colombophile' championship, a ranking calculated with the three first nominated on five races.

Congratulations doc, we already wish you an excellent start for 2019!