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Mark Kitchenbrand (SA) wins Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2011

“The biggest highlight in my pigeon career,” says a thrilled Mark Kitchenbrand in a first reaction to winning the world’s most prestigious pigeon race; the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race.

His ‘Victory’ wins the leaden 2011 edition, with only 14 pigeons clocked in the first hour. “A great reward for our planning, that is focused on excelling in this unique race; now our dream came true, emotions get the upper hand.”

Photo gallery for Mark Kitchenbrand and family - February 2009 - Visit PiPa 

Mark Kitchenbrand, two times South African TRPF champion (within in 3 years), dedicates his victory to his outstanding colony. Many years he invested deeply in top pigeons, with moments of fame in the Million Dollar Race. The 2011 winner is called ‘Victory’ and close relative to ‘Konstantin’, the 2007 winner who also moved to Kitchenbrand Lofts. Father is ‘Contador’ (direct Klaas, son ‘Pantini’) and mother is daughter to ‘Juwelchen’ of ‘Drapa’. “When you pair up two super pigeons, the result must be of great quality,” is Marks philosophy. “With other Million Dollar Race toppers like ‘Birdy’ (acebird 2007), ‘Konstantin’ (winner 2007), ‘JD Action’ (2. prize 2008), ‘Good Aim’ (3. prize 2009), ‘Schalke 04’ (2. prize), ‘Dr. Feelgood’ (3. prize), ‘Ryan’s Action’ (5. prize) and ‘Zander’ (6. prize), I knew one day a top position had to come my way. What a success it became now; for us and also for the entire South-African pigeon sport.”
In conclusion Mark refers to the auction of 10 pigeons from his best pairs on PiPa in February. “Nikolaas asking me to sell pigeons on PiPa, was one of the highlights in my pigeon life. A big honor and great appreciation of the breeding potential I built up with the greatest care. Top class that now proved it’s true value … this weekend I am the luckiest man on the planet!”