Mark Gilbert wins 1st National UK Agen International

Mr "Supremo" Mark Gilbert does it again! Racing against the best in all Europe, on what must surely rate as the most testing weekend for pigeons we have possibly ever experienced.

East winds, high temperatures- and sun spot activity causing a very high K-index, which scientist say, have an adverse effect on pigeon homing ability. It all added up to making this one of the toughest races of recent times.

Despite an arduous weekend, Mark Gilbert once again is hot, hot, hot and made the number one spot in the UK, winning 1st National Agen against 678 UK birds and competing against  24.850b in the international.

Southfield Jelle

Mark's new winner is Southfield Jelle GB17N01478. An outstanding pigeon. Take a look at the pedigree of this national winner.

 I know Mark would praise all the birds who made it home, but this man is out to win and recognises anything is possible, and as such he is consistently improving and working towards goals that most will fear.

The discerning fancier will recognise the background of Southfield Jelle and know it was bred for these long and difficult races. Rest assured, Mark will improve on even this performance.