Mark Gilbert (Winkfield, UK) achieved another top national performance from Agen

It appears that every year at around this time we are reporting on the top performances of Mark Gilbert. Mark is a successful business man and a very dedicated fancier. It is his commitment to the sport and his pigeons that helps to bring him to the top of the pile every year.

Flying from Agen with the British International Championship Club Mark timed his mealy hen GB11J10644 recording a velocity of 1217.585 yards per minute. This was good enough for him to record another national win to go with his numerous wins at national and international level.

A proud fancier holding his national winner

GB11J10644, UK national winner from Agen

The winning pigeon is from a daughter of Southfield Supreme, Mark’s international winner from Dax in 2004, when mated to a direct daughter from Marcel Sangers's Lazer Gun. On the sire’s side is Marcel Sangers's Super Breeder.

The hen is from the roundabout team and was mated in mid-February. She was allowed to rear a pair of youngsters before being separated and put into the roundabout loft.

Head of the UK national winner from Agen

Play pit balls

The team receives just two training flights a week apart at the start of the season. After that they are expected to fly themselves fit around the loft. If they do not fly for a full hour, they will be flagged to get the time in.

Mark’s team is not allowed to see each other before being basketed for the race but is allowed together upon their return. One interesting feature in the hen section of the roundabout loft is the play pit balls that cover the floor. This is to try and prevent the hens from pairing to each other.

The entire team is fed Versele Laga Super Star in the hopper. For the last five feeds before being sent to the middle distance races the birds receive a high fat mix. This includes peanuts, cheese pellets and high energy mix.

Southfield Supreme

The present day team of Mark Gilbert is based around his top pigeon Southfield Supreme, the winner of 1st International Dax against 17400 pigeons. Mark will only bring in top performance pigeons or children very closely related to them. These are then bred back to his champion and have resulted in a very formidable race team.