Mark and Naomie Kitchenbrand dedicated to improving the sport of Racing Pigeons in South Africa - Kitchenbrand’s Loft - Club 500

Mark Kitchenbrand is a member of the oldest ( flying since 1907) known active racing pigeon family in the history of the South African Pigeon Racing Fraternity.

As a family Mark, his father and two brothers are responsible for winning over 500 races and as such their facility is known as “Kitchenbrand’ s Loft,-Club 500.No other family in South Africa can boast  these combined results! Mark ,together with the full support of his wife Naomie his father and two brothers established his loft in 2003 and   his results as a novice were outstanding  as were those for 2004,2005,2006 and 2007

.In 2007, the “Kitchenbrand” family  became the only known Pigeon Racing family, to have had 3 family members scoring within the top ten Single Bird to-Count Champion Points Averages, in the TRPF. This has subsequently been repeated in the 2009 Racing season, where Mark placed 3rd position, his brother Kevin  5th  and his father in 7th .
Mark was fortunate to have one of his pigeons crowned as the Gold Medal Winner, Best Short Distance Bird in South Africa, by SANPO. When one takes into account that throughout South Africa all the fanciers compete in the short Distance races, Mark’s Bird would have competed against ±200 000 pigeons to win this prestigious award.

The Highlight of Mark’s  pigeon racing career came in 2008  when he won the title of  TRPF Organizational Champion, against 275 members. The same year Mark’s brother Kevin finished as runner-up in the Points Championship and his father was 18th position - a remarkable achievement! His family in 2008 also managed to win the long distance Championship 1st and 2nd, the Short Distance Championship and the Knockout Championship for the 2nd year running. 

Mark’s wife Naomie and he have invested in the purchase of the very best performance pigeons in the world. Over the past few years they  have acquired, at world record prices, the first 20 International  arrivals at the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race. No other breeding facility in the world can make this claim. Included amongst these key athletes is “Birdy”  the phenomenal 2008 ACE pigeon from the 12th SCMDPR. Purchased at a new worlds record price  of 800,000.00 Rand ( approximately $100,000.00 US) “Birdy” is the best racer in the history of the SCMDPR, this Ace Pigeon winning the Hot Spot Averages by no less than 12 minutes, the Grand Averages by no less than 1½ hours. To top it all off “Birdy” won  the Knock-out and scored 10th in the final race.

It is Mark’s mission to improve the overall quality of the South African racing pigeon gene pool to such an extent that South African fanciers will be competitive at all levels, both locally and internationally including the SCMDPR. Mark and his  facility “Kitchenbrand Loft- Club 500” offer  prospective local buyers, their finest quality offspring at reasonable prices. Additionally they offer and assist their clients with the necessary  “know how” a full racing program (including required medication and advice) needed to succeed at all levels.

Mark has now made it possible for fanciers  from all over the world to purchase birds from his supreme breeders. For their International clients they offer the opportunity to acquire offspring out of their  best performance pigeons at  the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race ( SCMDPR) a virtual “Pigeon Olympics”   Pigeons can be exported to most International destinations. Mark offers fanciers, from  those countries that are unable to enter the SCMDPR due to quarantine constraints, the opportunity to enter the Sun City Million Dollar Race by purchasing off spring from their facility. These birds  would then be entered, on behalf of the purchasers, at the SCMDPR. If required these entries can be rung with the relevant Countries rings to clearly show their representation. Detailed Pedigrees will be provided.
Mark is committed  to improving the sport by assisting all fanciers as and when required. Assisted fully by his wife Naomie, together they are a dedicated team committed to your success with  integrity and honesty.

03 Feb 2008
Witness Reporter

Johannesburg pigeon fancier Mark Kitchenbrand and his wife Naomie greet Birdy the racing pigeon, for which Kitchenbrand paid a South African record price of R800 000 yesterday. The auction, at which he bought several other birds, was held after the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race.
Birdy didn't win that race — coming in 10th — but fetched the huge price because of its consistently good performances over several years.

It is very interesting to note the insightful  comments that were  written by south African writer Thomas Smit in italics below:
“Mark only started much later than his brothers but is an ambitious fancier already making his mark as a formidable champion. His achievements have been documented in the previous issue of the SA & World Pigeon News – get a copy! To refresh your memory, competing in the strong Transvaal Racing Pigeon Federation, Mark was crowned Club & Federation Champion of the 2007 Short Distance point’s league. He also owned 6 of the top 30 best birds for the 2007 TRPF season. Competing in the Alberton Homing Society, Mark scored no less than: 6x 1st, 6 x 2nd and 5 x 3rd in the 2007 season.
Notable to mention is that Mark has spend R1.2 Million in 2007 to purchase some of the top birds in the Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race auction, the world’s richest pigeon race. Assisted by his wife Naomie, Mark is a dedicated fancier that approaches everything he does with a full commitment. The top 11th SCMDPR German winners are in the Kitchenbrand’s Loft. It’s been the 1st time in the history of the SCMDPR that most of the top birds were bought by a South African fancier. Mark bought the pigeons to honour his father’s dedication to them as a family – always buying the best and never being satisfied with mediocrity. For the first time since the inception of the race fanciers can now order youngsters at an affordable price directly out of different combinations of matched pairs that could beat the World.

Imagine owning progeny from the following top German birds of the 11th SCMDPR:
1st ‘ Konstantin’ – bred by Helmut & Alfons Klaas.
2nd- ‘Schalke 04’ – bred by Werner Loos & Peter Haas.
3rd ‘Doctor Feelgood’ – bred by Raiko & Rainer Marien.
5th ‘Ryans Action’ – entered by Team Waldeck
6th ‘Zander’ – bred by Esser & Sohn.
7th ‘Super Girl’- bred by Bernd & Karin Schnell. Etc.
This is a unique and a once in a lifetime opportunity as never before did so many of the top
SCMDPR birds ended up in the same loft.


DV 06503 07 900

Best Ace Pigeon of all times at the Sun City Million Dollar
Race January 2008.
Winner of the Knock Out
Winner of the Grand Averages
Winner of the Hot Spot Averages
Birdy’s average time is more than an hour better than the 2nd pigeon
Birdy was not later than 8 minutes from the winning pigeon in any outing
Bred by Sudhoff Van Beers

Clearly this is the first time in pigeon history that an individual ( Mark Kitchenbrand) racing pigeon fancier  has  made it his goal to bring together ,under the roof of one breeding facility the enormous genetic potential of the most successful pigeons in the largest and most coveted “one loft race in the world”.The few pages that follow will give you  an example of the incredible  performance tested pigeons that have been assembled. Not only was Mark able to purchase “Birdy” but he was later also able to purchase “Birdy’s Sire” as well

Birdy’s Father
DV 06503 02 1687
Foundation cock, breeder of many, many winners.
Kitchenbrand’s Loft is proud to say “We are now the owners of this magnificent cock and his nest mate DV 06503 02 1686“ as well as his other two brothers
DV 06503 03 1330 and DV 06503 03 1295