Marijke Vink (Mookhoek, NL) has been performing at the highest level thanks to her solid Koopman bloodlines

The noble bloodlines of Koopman combined with a touch of Heremans and Eijerkamp continue to provide the basis for the highly successful pigeon loft of Marijke Vink.

Marijke Vink has been a household name in The Netherlands for quite some time now; it all started in 1988 with the introduction of Gerard Koopman pigeons. She did not obtain too many of them but she picked the best ones: youngsters of Kleine Dirk, Gentil, Emperor Qin, Ermerveens Hope, Mr Ermerveen etc. Top quality was the key here. Youngsters from these Koopman pigeons, including Aladin, Reza, Farah Diba en Tips have played an important role at international level and these same bloodlines continue to bring successful descendants for Marijke Vink 26 years later. The current champions of this loft are Louis, Second Aladin, Verdi, Demelza and more recently Gerard. They are all related to some of the most well known Koopman bloodlines, as well as the lines of Heremans and Hans & Evert-Jan Eijerkamp, which were introduced later on.

NL08-1522926 Verdi

NL08-1522926 Verdi

One of today’s most important if not the most important pigeon in this loft is Verdi, which originates from the line of Aladin. His sire is a son of Aladin x Daughter Che (Hans Eijerkamp). This champion has won the following prizes:

 1st Orleans          1,276 p.
 1st Pommeroeul         783 p.
 1th Orleans          1,276 p. (4th NPO 10,660 pigeons).
 4th Chalons          2,486 p.
 5th Strombeek        4,036 p.
 8th Strombeek        4,103 p.
 9th Peronnne         3,331 p
10th NPO Bourges      8,579 p.
29th NPO Chateauroux  7,355 p.

He developed into an outstanding breeding pigeon after a successful career as a racing bird. He bred several top class pigeons, including his son NL11-1722108. Click here for the pedigree. This 108 is winner of:

 1st Peronne          1,139 p. (4th Prov. 35,985 pigeons).
 7th Peronne          1,125 p.
 8th Peronne          2,741 p.
14th Mantes la Jolie  2,243 p.
35th Bourges          1,080 p.
55th Sens             1,512 p.
70th Tours           11,759 p.

NL1722108 Zoon Verdi

Verdi is also the (grand)father of:

1st NPO Peronne  38,775 p.
1st Strombeek     3,948 p.
3rd Peronne      38,108 p.
3rd Nat. Orleans  4,249 p. (for Joop Merckx).

He is also the grandfather of NL12-1597920 Gerard, one of the leading names in Marijke's team today.

NL05-1936775 Louis

This 100% Koopman plays an important role in this loft as well; he is for instance the sire of NL11-1722129. Click here for the full pedigree.

 1st Bourges      551 p. (9th 1734 pigeons).
 2nd Pommeroeul 4.092 p.
 7th Nivelles   4.569 p.
 9th Chateaudun 1.303 p.
18th Ruffec       467 p.
25th Bourges      865 p.
57th Argenton     919 p.

NL11-1722129 Zoon Louis

Louis is also the sire of the following prize winners:

3rd NPO Blois   15,172 p.
4th NPO Orleans 12,047 p.
4th NPO Creil   29,208 p.
1st Ablis        2,292 p.
1st Bourges      1,764 p.

NL12-1597920 Gerard

NL12-1597920 Gerard

Another champion in this team is Gerard, a cock that demonstrated his excellent origins in 2013 by winning the following prizes:

 2nd Peronne 18,538 p.
 2nd Sens    14,517 p.
 9th Peronne  9,929 p.
 5th Peronne  2,741 p.
 5th Bourges  2,329 p.
11th Ruffec     715 p.

The sire of Gerard is Second Aladin, which is a son of Verdi x NL05-1375996, a daughter of Aladin. This makes Verdi a grandson of aladin. The dam of Gerard is a daughter of Louis x Demelza (daughter Louis). Demelza was a great racing bird as well and winner of:

3rd NPO Blois   15,172 p.
4th NPO Orleans 12,047 p.


This successful team was founded in 1988 with pigeons of Gerard Koopman, and Marijke continues to achieve great results with these bloodlines in 2014. She has had a number of highly successful seasons in the past 26 years. In fact, many other fanciers from The Netherlands and abroad have done really well with these pigeons.