Marijke Vink - Mookhoek (NL) 1° Champion Extreme Middle Distance 2009 ‘Province 5’ South-Holland

It was November 2005 when a ‘schock wave’ passed through the Netherlands by the auction of the colony Marijke Vink… seen at that moment as one of the leading colonies in the Extreme Middle Distance in the Netherlands.

Marijke had acquired world fame with exceptional crack pigeons so as wonder breeders ‘Aladin’ and his son ‘Tips’, who in turn is father of both ‘Reza’ (3 x 1° NPO against respectively 28.332 p., 21.892 p. and 10.589 p.), ‘Farah Diba’(1° Nat Ace pigeon Extreme Middle Distance 2003) and ‘Future’ (1° Ace pigeon District 2003)… one for one ‘icons’ in the pigeon sport history!
The ‘Aladin’ developed in Mookhoek into an absolute stock breeder. Marijke obtained him from Koopman as an egg… as son of his superior youngster in 1998, the ‘Kleine Dirk’ 416/98, which as a youngster achieved 5° World Champion by the competition Versele-Laga.  Gerard obviously wanted a couple of youngsters for the racing season 2009 from his ‘wonderduif in spe’, and so coupled him with the classy ‘Daughter Beatrix cock 674/95’.  In the end the first eggs from this coupling moved to Marijke Vink in Mookhoek… and were to form the basis of an unprecedented success story! Marijke was also very successful with the introduction of the Koopman pigeons into her colony. In the Spring of 1999 Marijke visited Koopman again, in search of something ‘extra’… in search of the last link in the chain… that would let the windmill of success rotate at full speed. Gerard advised her to take the two eggs from ‘Kleine Dirk’ x ‘Daughter Beatrix cock’… the rest is already well-known. The ‘Aladin’ developed into a ‘stock bear’ out thousands, a ‘wonder breeder’ … considered by Marijke Vink as the ‘best breeder in the world’! The magnificent exploits of the descendants of  ‘Aladin’ can be read about on PiPa, in the report over this ‘living legend’ from colleague Albert Roording.
The ‘Aladin’ moved home in the auction of Marijke Vink to the colony of Jurgen Jung (earlier Seelbch-Jung) for an astronomical amount, his son ‘Tips’ was allowed to further show off his tricks in the colony of Hans Eijerkamp and sons.

New start in 2007
After Marijke’s auction 18 late youngsters remained, all strongly related to her wonder breeder ‘Aladin’! In 2007 a new start was made… with the youngsters from these late pigeons, which now have to figure as breeding basis for the building up and expanding of the colony Marijke Vink in the future. Pigeon loving Netherlands would have felt it… because after just 3 racing seasons the colony Marijke Vink was once again at the top of the Dutch pigeon sport… just like it had never been away.
In 2007 Marijke Vink made then a ‘new start’ with the youngsters. They were a round of ‘early youngsters’, but also youngsters from later rounds (the latter were weaned at the beginning of May). She took part in 9 competitions for youngsters and achieved 3 x 1° Prize.
1° Mariembourg 4.332 p. with 'Domela' NL07-1802146
1° Pommeroeul 4.549 p. with  'Jus de Pomme' NL07-1802110
1° Ablis 2.292 p. with 'Kleine Diba' NL07-1802194 with a 4 minute lead (one of the later youngsters from the beginning of May)
For 2008 Marijke  selected a team of 18 yearling cocks from her group of youngsters 2007 which were raced in widowhood (at the time no yearling hens were raced). The aim was to basket the pigeons ‘every week’… and at the end of the sport season it would be clear which were the best and the strongest. Racing and then a ‘very strict’ selection… the only real road to success in the pigeon sport! A few highlights included
4° NPO Chateauroux 8.201 p. once again with ‘Domela’ (with a velocity of 1070 m/min)
For the last race of the season 2008 from Argenton (620 Km) Marijke basketted 14 of her yearling cocks and won
Argenton    628 p.  23-29-31-38-47-52-57-64-65-73 (the 1° prize attained a velocity of 1230 m/min)
In 2009 Marijke started with 21 racing pigeons, consisting of 7 cocks and 14 hens… a number that was reduced at the end of May to 17 racing pigeons… which once again ensured fireworks, including
07-6:  4° NPO Orleans 12.047 p. with ‘Demelza’  NL07-1802217
20-6:  3° NPO Blois 15.172 p. once again with 'Demelza’  and 14 prizes from 15 basketted pigeons!
04-7: 1° NPO Bourges 8.579 p. with super pigeon  'Domela'
         10° NPO Bourges 8.579 p. with  'Verdi' (which was the ‘best yearling’ of the loft in 2009).
18-7: 25° NPO Chateauroux 7.355 p. with 'Kilwillie'  (which had already won  22° NPO Blois 12.147 p.)
          29° NPO Chateauroux 7.355 p. with 'Verdi'… and 10 prizes from 13 basketted pigeons!
A notable fact here is that a few of the current top racers have also manifested themselves as promising breeding pigeons, so won:
-a ‘Son Verdi' NL09-1170603 had already won  1° Strombeek 3.948 p. as a youngster in 2009
-a ‘Son Jus de Pomme' won 1° Orleans 2.507 p. in 2009

When we take a closer look at the lineage of this new wave of ‘crack pigeons’ we see that nearly all these pigeons carry the noble blood of wonder breeder ‘Aladin’!
-so is ‘Domela’  NL07-1802146, at the moment the figurehead of the loft with 1° Mariembourg 4.332 p., 4° NPO Chateauroux 8.201 p. and 1° NPO Bourges 8.579 p… he was bred from a ‘Brother Tips 459/03 (and so son of ‘Aladin’ x ‘Last Lady’) x “t’Kampioentje 873/05’ Munsters.
-the ‘Verdi’ NL08-1522926 comes out ‘Grandson Kleine Dirk 748/04’ (out ‘Aladin’ x ‘Toosje’) x ‘Daughter Che 254/07’ (out super pigeon ‘Che 084/04’ x ‘Tara 818/03’, a daughter ‘Kleine Dirk’! The super crack ‘Che’ won 1° NPO Orleans 14.285 p. in ’06, 1° Arras 9.641 p., 9° NPO Orleans 18.184 p. in ’05… by the family Eijerkamp)
-the ‘Jus de Pomme’ NL07-1802110 is a half-brother of ‘Verdi’… also a son of ‘Grandson Kleine Dirk 784/04’ (and so son ‘Aladin’) x ‘Sister Super 802’ 611/06 F.Lemmens
 -the ‘Kilwillie’ NL08-1522935 then comes out the ‘Beauty 66’ 066/05 (out the ‘666 Melis’ 666/01 x ‘Granddaughter Kleine Dirk 572/04’) x ‘Granddaughter Farah Diba 664/04’ (out an inbreed product to ‘Aladin’ with a ‘Son Farah Diba 539/03’ x ‘Teresa 221/002’, a daughter ‘Aladin’)
-the ‘Demelza’ NL07-1802217 comes out the ‘Louis 775/05’ Koopman (son of ‘Half-brother Miss Wonderful 568/01’ x ‘Showpiece 251/95’) x ‘Sister Super 66’ 817/04 F.Lemmens.

A collection of new super pigeons which lay at the basis of the fact that Marijke Vink was flagged as  1° Extreme Middle Distance Champion NPO Prov. 5 in 2009 just in front of grandmasters so as G & B.Verkerk, W.A. de Bruijn, Piet v/d Merwe etc…
It is almost unimaginable that hardly 2 years after her ‘restart’, Marijke Vink has already been crowned as ‘Queen of the Extreme Middle Distance’ in her Province 5 South-Holland! Not an easy feat!